Hi I'm Keti Sharif, creator of A-Z Bellydance. A-Z has been supporting students and teachers worldwide for over 20 years, and we've grown into a wonderful community. The NEW Courses will enrich your bellydance skills, improve musicality and vastly expand your movement repertoire.

Learn to dance with more fluidity, naturalness and ease!

My approach is somatic and musically-based, connecting dancers more deeply to their movement artistry. Dancers are encouraged to explore their own responses, finding 'fluid form within structure' for richer choreography and improvisation.

New A-Z features 100% LIVE Egyptian music and rhythms.

A-Z was influenced by Mahmoud Reda, and later Farida Fahmy, who inspired my journey into Somatic education. The methodology distills 30 years of research, working with musicians and dance artists, and hosting cultural events in Egypt and is taught in 40 countries.

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'Somatics for Teaching and Learning Bellydance' 

NEW RELEASE, OUT NOW, from Feb 2019. This new somatic education seminar demonstrates various ways of sensing, understanding and describing movement for ease and clarity. It is informative for both students and teachers. Video seminar plus notes - just $25 USD. Immediate delivery!

A-Z Bellydance gives you the confidence to dance, choreograph or improvise with fluidity,  creativity, and musical clarity.  

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1 Mar - 12 Apr 2019
CREATE Your Digital Dance Product 6 Week Course

Dancers, an opportunity to bring your ideas to life in the digital space with Keti's fully guided online course!

2 Mar 2019
Perth - Musical Heart of Bellydance Workshop 

Dear dancers, this special training offers a fun somatic exploration of the new A-Z and musicality, view the Egyptian band on the big screen!

7 - 14 Oct 2019
'Musical, Mystical Egypt' 
Tour from Desert to Sea 

Join us for an enriching live music experience and insight into Egypt's various spiritual practices and accompanying cultural arts. Travel from Cairo to the Red Sea,

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My articles offer insights into the artistic decisions that affect dancers. Enjoy topics that reference over 20+ years of experience in the arts, including teaching dance, researching music and culture, archiving the work of Farida Fahmy and Mahmoud Reda, and organising dance and music events in Egypt and around the world, Visit my blog for more!

~Keti Sharif~

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