Hi I'm Keti Sharif. Welcome to A-Z Bellydance! My courses offer a Somatic approach to movement for fluidity, ease and receptivity. I teach both dancers and non-dancers, of all ages and abilities to explore Somatics and enjoy the sense of self discovery mindful movement brings, at every level. A-Z supports students and professionals to connect more deeply to their dancing.

Somatics teaches us to pay more attention to our bodies, and benefits our wellbeing in many ways. 

A-Z Bellydance and Astrobelly sequences reflect patterns within Egyptian music, are adaptable and easy to personalise. Dancers explore their own responses within the structural matrix, to sense and express more fully, for a more satisfying dance experience. The methodology distills knowledge, observations and sensations from years living in Egypt, and dancing to live music. Inspired by Mahmoud Reda, and later Farida Fahmy, who encouraged my exploration of Somatics, the format has been enriched by many artists, and informed by the spontaneous, organic dance that is a part of life and celebration in Egypt.

A-Z Bellydance is currently being taught in 40 countries worldwide and we have a wonderfully diverse, creative and supportive community.

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A-Z Bellydance builds a solid infrastructure and somatic skills through bite-sized pieces that dancers can easily assimilate.

  • A-Z offers progressively paced multi-layered learning stages
  • Bite-sized pieces make it easy to memorize and internalize techniques 
  • Builds a rich, vast movement vocabulary and expands choices
  • Enhances musicality, rhythmic transitions and phrasing
  • Encourages creativity and inventive play with choreography
  • Boosts confidence, naturalness and ease when improvising
  • Enjoy 100% live Egyptian music used throughout!


NEW! A-Z Teacher Training
One Year Course Jan-Nov 2019

Holidays & Training Events 2018/2019

Fully mentored series of 5 x courses with 100% live music delivered fortnightly.  MORE

Bush land retreat in the heart of Margaret River, in the stunning southwest region of Western Australia. Somatic movement, dance, restorative yoga and complimentary self-healing to support health, energy flow & wellbeing. Fresh, healthy meals are provided daily. Rebalance, recharge and revitalize your dancing body. MORE

Join Keti for a refreshing 3 Day dance development experience; a Somatic exploration of both improvisation and creating your choreography within structural matrices of Egyptian music and rhythms. Discover bellydance 'seeds' and learn a wide range of NEW A-Z Original and Advanced sequences, and dance to variety of live Egyptian song recordings. MORE

8 Days of live Egyptian music, dance and ancient mysticism in Egypt. The adventure begins in Cairo and finishes with a fun bus trip down the coast. Visit St Paul's Monastery and enjoy fun on the Red Sea, where we venture on a desert safari, swim with dolphins and drink tea with Bedouins. MORE

Musical Heart of Bellydance: a Somatic exploration of the NEW A-Z Bellydance 

Sydney 1-3 Feb 2019
Perth 1-3 Mar 2019

Dear dancers, this special training offers something very unique - including an Egyptian band on the big screen!
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