Bellydance CDs (MP3)

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40 Arabic Rhythms
3 cd resource pack $30
40 tracks + Tabla solos

Egyptian Classics
Cairo Musicians $15
15 live song recordings

Al Qamar
Modern Raqs Sharqi $15
Keti's new music 2021

Magic of Orient
Ahmed Gebali $12
Classical Raqs Sharqi


Baladi & Taqsim
Cairo Musicians $12
Sublime relaxed Baladi pieces

Egyptian Baladi
Ahmed Gebali $12
Adaweya, Om Kolthoum medleys

Egyptian Instruments
Individual recordings $12
Traditional Arab musical instruments

Mesmerizing Moods
Keti Sharif $8
Mellow, ambient fusion



Omar Kamel Electronica $8
Pioneering Cairo Electronica

Omar Kamel Electronica $8
Cairo Electronica/ AstroBelly

Desert Tapestry

Keti Sharif/Tribal Jury $8
World music fusion

Keti Sharif $8
Deep atmospheric fusion


Keti Sharif $8
Yoga, relaxation, stretching

DanceFlow Fluidity
Keti Sharif $8
Yoga, relaxation, stretching

Cleopatra's Party
Keti Sharif $8
Upbeat & dark fusion

Keti Sharif $8
Ambient, atmospheric, world

Cultural Resources - Egyptian Artists

The Traditional
Arts of Egypt

Moulids Music Folk Dances
80 minute video
plus 30 page ebook

Shahira Mehrez
Ethnic Costumes

Egyptian Textiles
60 minute video

Farida Fahmy
Documentary Dvd
Life in her own words
120 minute video

Mahmoud Reda
Interview 2011 Dvd
Mahmoud's stories
25 minute video

Sphinx Festival Videos

Sphinx Festival 2009
Egyptology and the Arts - Seminars
Event highlights
60 minute video

Sphinx Festival 2010
with Farida Fahmy & Mahmoud Reda

67 page transcripts
& 120 minute video

Sphinx Festival 2010
Folkloric Theatre Performances

Reda style folk theatre
60 minute video

Sphinx Festival 2012
Red Sea; Dance, Fluidity & Flow
8 x seminars, classes, events, 60 minute video

Teacher's Resources

Teaching Bellydance Curriculum Ebook
Ebook for teachers

Seminar for Teachers
Farida Fahmy MP3

Live Audio Seminar

Muwashahat Class
Farida Fahmy Dvd
Class highlights 70 min

How to Make a Bellydance DVD
Pre & post production guide


Arabic Script
Secrets Ebook

Script styles and art

The Three Baladi Personae Ebook
Feminine Archetypes

Bellydance & Yoga
for Pregnancy Ebook

For Wellbeing

Dendera Birthing CD
Keti Sharif $8
Gentle music, birthing, warm ups

Dance Classes for Wellbeing
Keti's A-Z Bellydance, Somatics, Musicality & Wellbeing Courses are all on Teachable.

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