About Keti - Bellydance Performer & Teacher

Keti Sharif teaches Bellydance with a somatic, musical approach. Her A-Z Bellydance methodology has been supporting students and teachers worldwide for over 20 years. Keti's courses feature live Egyptian music & percussion to improve the dancer's musicality and expand movement repertoire.

Somatics (mindful/internally focused movement) connects dancers more deeply to their movement and enhances both choreography and improvisation. A healing art, somatics promotes a deep sense of body awareness and enhances presence and wellbeing.

Influenced by mentors, Farida Fahmy & the late Egytian choreographer Mahmoud Reda, A-Z distills 30 years of research, artistic and work with Egyptian musicians & dancers & cultural events in Egypt. A-Z Bellydance is currently taught in 40 countries, and Keti's new 2021 course features RHYTHMIC ESSENCE partner, Percussionist Sam Nascimento on darbuka.

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Performance, Travel, Dance & Culture

Born into a family of musicians, Keti danced since childhood. and began bellydancing at 17. By her early twenties, Keti was performaing professionally with Arabic bands for cultural events and weddings, and travelled to dance and research Islamic Art History for her University degree in Egypt, Morocco, Greece, Jordan and southern Turkey, enriching her love of dance and culture. She taught and performed in many countries, with seasonal contracts in Cairo, Malaysia & Singapore. Keti relocated to Egypt for 15 years, where A-Z Bellydance was created and she produced many cultural events such as the Sphinx Festival. In Australia she founded and ran the WAMED festival for many years.

Keti has danced for countless Arabic weddings and cultural events around the world, and many celebrities including:

~ Omar Sharif, Actor (Egypt)
~ King & Queen of Malaysia (King's 75th Birhday in palace)
~ Princess of Morocco (in Paris)
~  Prime Minister of Malaysia (cultural event concert hall)
~ Prince of Pahang (wedding)
~ Jermaine Jackson (Michael Jackson's brother)

Keti's A-Z Bellydance courses & methodology is taught worlwide, to over 4000 students in 40 countries.

Life & Work in Egypt

In Egypt, Keti hosted cultural tours and documented the work of artists including Farida Fahmy, Mahmoud Reda & Dr. Shahira Mehrez. Her journey has led her to explore the deeper levels of bellydancing, venturing into wellbeing, musical connectvity and Somatics (the science and art of mindful movement), She is currently working with my talented musical partner, Sam Nascimento with RHYTHMIC ESSENCE drum & dance productions and is currently choreographing and producing Moustafa Gadalla's Isis Rises Operetta to be filmed in Egypt in 2021.


Author of 'The Art of Bellydance' Book

Keti's research culminated in a book published by Allen & Unwin in 2004. The book won awards at the Canadian International Book Fair and the first prinsold sold out completely worldwide, wthin a year. The publisher went on to print a second edition and many libraries around the world now have this book on ots shelves as a resource. There are now only a few remaining hard copy books available.

After dancing with primarily live Egyptian music and percussion as her source for many years, Keti became fascinated with both psycho-acoustics (music-movement connectivity and effect) and bellydance for wellbeing, which led her to study Somatics with Dr Martha Eddy in the USA.


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