About Keti - Bellydance Performer & Teacher

"Hello, I'm Keti. I began bellydancing at 17 & was performing professionally in Cairo by my early 20's. Studying Islamic Art History for my University degree enriched my love of dance culture. My teaching & performance spans many countries, with seasonal 5 Star performance contracts in Egypt, Malaysia & Singapore.

I teach Bellydance with a somatic, musical approach & enjoy supporting our A-Z dance community worldwide. We've been dancing, creating & sharing our art through the A-Z methodology for over 20 years. A-Z is taught in 40 countries.

I spent years documenting live Egyptian music, integrating this into the courses, as it dramatically improves the dancer's musicality & technique. A-Z Bellydance distills 30 years of research, artistic work with Egyptian artists & hosting cultural events in Egypt. My wonderful mentors, Farida Fahmy & the late Egyptian choreographer Mahmoud Reda have influenced me greatly. Their friendship & support has given my artistic vision deep roots.

In 2022 I am excited to open the Blue Lotus Room - a new spacious studio in Perth, with Sam Abraham."

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Culture & Wellbeing; The Heart of my Artistic Vision

"My life-long interest in bellydance for wellbeing led me to study Somatics (mindful/internally focused movement) with Dr Martha Eddy in the USA. Somatics & body-mind connection has been my passion since my early 20's, when I started out as a fitness & wellbeing instructor. It connects dancers to their movement, enhancing both choreography & improvisation. Deeply healing, it promotes a sense of body awareness, relaxed presence & total wellbeing. I find it grounding, which makes us more resilient in our day-to-day lives.

After spending most of my adult life in Egypt & abroad, I recently returned to Australia. Co-creating with talented & visionary musician & percussionist, Sam Nascimento allows me to continue this work in Australia. Together we are refreshing A-Z Courses & producing the Lotus Series & the NEW Nawari which is a Tribal Style inspired by Egyptian Desert dances. This work is very fulfilling & I honour all my creative guides & students. We are excited to open our new studio, The Blue Lotus Room is Feb 2022."  

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Blue Lotus Room www.bluelotusroom.com

Rhythmic Essence

Keti's Online Courses a-zbellydance.teachable.com

Farida Fahmy www.faridafahmy.com

Life & Work in Egypt

"In Egypt, I lived between Cairo & the Red Sea for many years. I hosted cultural tours & documented the work of talented artists including Farida Fahmy, Mahmoud Reda & Dr. Shahira Mehrez. My journey has led me to explore deeper levels within Egyptian dancing & how the energetic nuances shape various Egyptian cultural stylings. My work is about curiosity, & also ventures into wellbeing, musical connectivity & Somatics in Arabic dance. I continue this work in Australia at my new studio. I look forward to bringing my artistic friends back to Egypt again in Sep 2022 with the Musical Heart of Egypt."

'The Art of Bellydance' Book

"My research culminated in a book published by Allen & Unwin in 2004. This book won awards at the Canadian International Book Fair & the first print run sold sold out completely worldwide, within a year. The publisher went on to print a second edition & many libraries around the world now have this book as a resource. There are limited hard copies available."

"You can see my digital productions, such as CDs and films, at my Products page."

"My study courses and videos are housed on Teachable."