A-Z Bellydance Year-Long Course NEXT INTAKE Feb 2, 2022

Join Keti for a fully guided year-long online study course, delivered weekly:
Course start date: Feb 2, 2022
1. Somatics for Bellydance (2 weeks) Feb
2. Core Essentials: 120 Moves (4 weeks) Feb-Mar
3. 40 Arabic Rhythms (2 Weeks) Mar
4. AstroBelly & Elements (2 Weeks) Apr
5. A-Z Original (6 weeks) May-Jun
Mid Year Break Jun
6. A-Z Advanced (6 weeks) Jul-Aug
7. A-Z Teacher Training (6 weeks) Aug-Sep
8. Reda Drills (2 Weeks) Sep
9. Fitness, Seniors, Special Needs (4 Weeks) Oct
10. Final Project (4 weeks) Nov
Graduation date: Dec, 2022

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Keti's Year Long Dance Teacher Training Course

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Egyptian music, history and culture, plus somatics and musicality for dancers.

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