Introducing NEW A-Z Bellydance SEP 2018

A-Z Bellydance has been updated with live recordings of Egyptian music and rhythms. The methodology, inspired by Egyptian dance 'aesthetics within a framework', expands movement vocabulary and interpretive skills through progressive technique, cultural studies and musicality. New patterns and pathways bring a sense of ease and flow to both improvisation and choreography.

A-Z Original and Advanced provide the foundation for many natural combinations that occur in Raqs Sharqi, Baladi and Egyptian Folkloric dance. A-Z explores the Elements, to enhance self awareness and movement flow, and the new format integrates somatics, Laban, Bartenieff, sacred geometry, and chakra energies. The aim is to "remember-integrate-release" so the body retains a rich movement vocabulary.

Each progressive set contains five core sequences, which establish a movement theme (reflected in various maqamat), and interlink seamlessly. The patterning within A-Z is designed to be assimilated on many levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

The NEW A-Z foundation and pre-requisite is the SOMATICS for BELLYDANCE course, which you can get online.



"A-Z comes in two levels – Original and Advanced. The Original sequences introduce the learner to basic cabaret and folkloric steps and cover foundation Belly Dance moves including shimmies, accents, turns and flowing hip work. Advanced A-Z involves emphasis on sacred geometry, floor patterns and more challenging phrases ..."

Article and review by Guinevere Clark

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NEW A-Z Certification in Cairo, Egypt, Dec 2017 Live Music Experience

Testimonials by A-Z Course Graduates & Teachers

We receive so many testimonials - literally hundreds - from dancers from around the world.
There are too many to list, but here are some of them.

'One of the best constructed syllabuses I have seen in any form of dance education'

"Keti has to be one of the finest teachers of this genre in the world. Her work is thoughtful and carefully graded, so that each step of the way builds on previous ones. Her A-Z system is one of the best constructed syllabuses I have seen in any form of dance education."

Satima, Australia

'Keti brings fresh ideas and invaluable dimensions to these timelss routines'

"Even for someone who expects alot, Keti always exceeded my high expectations. Always adding fresh ideas and and invaluable dimentions to her timeless routines. I have already attended two live music training events in Egypt."

Heba, Egypt

'I'm so enriched... I've learned more about history, culture, musicality'

"I'm so enriched now that I have taken all 4 courses, this studies gave me more to share with my students. I have learned more about history, culture, musicality and now have 52 routines that helps me with my choreographies. I've taken many workshops, studied with great teachers, but this course was the most in-depth studies I have taken in the last 9 years. I'm grateful to Keti, she has put a lot of work in this courses." *Joany joined the NEW A-Z Teacher training in Cairo

Joany, Canada

'A-Z certainly delivered what I was looking for, with scope for all dancers'

"I learnt A-Z after teaching in community settings for around six months following eight years of practicing and learning the art for my own pleasure. I felt that I needed extra input for myself and my students. A-Z certainly delivered what I was looking for. The routines are accessible with the scope to make them easier for total beginners or more challenging for established dancers."

Guinevere, Wales

'A completely new approach ... relevant to how I feel about the dance being healing'

"A-Z Bellydance and the 'elements' gives me a completely new approach that I feel is more relevant to how I feel about the dance as being healing. The way you organized the original materials was awesome, genius. I am so excited to hear that you will be issuing updates and revisions to your program. I appreciate all the work this entails for you to share your growth and progress with us."

Della, USA

'A wealth of information, indispesable to anyone studying Oriental dance'

"The A-Z system offers a wealth of information, indispensable to anyone studying Oriental Dance. I love the way information is organized through technique, history, musicality, artistry. Before A-Z, I was lacking in choreographic skills, but now I feel confident to choreograph as well as improvise. In class, A-Z has proven to be a real gem for inspiration, class combos and choreographies. Keti's warm and supportive personality made a huge difference to my learning. Thank you!"

Dora, Greece

'An invaluable experience as a dancer and teacher... bite-sized chunks of information'

“A-Z has taught me the discipline required to memorize routines and as a consequence has improved my ability to choreograph and remember my own solo choreographies in front of an audience. The bite-size chunks of information make them fun to learn, teach, practice and perform. A-Z has been applicable to me as a Tribal Fusion dancer wanting to understand the roots of Middle Eastern dance better. My A-Z Personal Technique and Teacher Training has been an invaluable experience to me as a dancer and teacher.”

Lyza, Wales

'Love the methodology and at a deeper level, the process has been a healing journey'

"I just want to thank you for what you have created. I have enjoyed both the A-Z Original and Advanced Bellydance methodology and I love the way they work together. And Keti, I really feel that you have been there for me and that I have been very lucky. I must say, that at a deeper level, the whole process has been a healing journey for me personally. Thank you for creating this insightful methodology that continues to inspire teachers and students worldwide."

Lottie, UK

'Supports any level - challeges and inspires so we take ownership of the dance'

"I find myself amazed at how Keti manages to teach, inspire and challenge students at any level. I feel included, involved, and ultimately, I feel I am really dancing. She manages the balance of teaching while tapping into the student's level of individual ability so that at the end of the course or dvd, the student comes away with ownership of the dance. Thank you for creating A-Z Bellydance and for continuing to teach with inspiration."

Joanne, Singapore

'A breath of fresh air for my free dance'

“I had been Bellydancing for a few years and love choreographies, the only problem was that I felt really self conscious in free dance. A-Z Personal Techniques has come as a breath of fresh air, as I have learnt sets of moves which I can apply during my free dance - I’m no longer left wondering, I just go with the flow. It is really exciting to play around with the moves and give it my own personal twist. I would recommend A-Z for beginners or advanced dancers, there is so much to learn and so much fun to be had!”

Julie, Wales

'Detailed feedback very valuable, useful for teaching both dance and fitness classes'

"Your detailed feedback in the A-Z Teacher Training Assessment report has been very valuable to me in my development as a Teacher. I have also been able to use the routines and concepts in my fitness classes, it makes it very easy to teach both dance and fitness in a clear and easy, well constructed way. Thank you Keti!"

Lesia, Australia

'The first thing students comment on is the clarity & structure of the sequences'

"A-Z has given me confidence, skill and a wonderful resource to share and work from. The first thing students comment on is the clarity and structure of the sequences. A-Z encourages improvisation within structure, and intuitive dance skills are also developed through A-Z, which is essential for all dancers. On a deeper level, Keti’s approach embraces holistic elements of movement and energy work."

Guinevere, Wales

'100% Rise in Confidence'

“A-Z has helped me to lay down a foundation of knowledge that I can build on. I feel a 100% rise in my confidence and therefore my enjoyment of dancing is greater."

Rose, Wales

'Inspirational Method'

"Of all the teaching methods I have experienced I have always found A-Z the easiest to follow, and the most inspirational with visual imagery to help remember the steps and movements."

Irene, Mexico

'Classes and connection with dance sisters around the world'

"I have been using A-Z in my classes for years, and have also enjoyed connecting with so many beautiful sisters in dance around the world through A-Z. From performers to people in my classes with special needs, A-Z makes it easy for everyone to enjoy dancing at any level!" (Quoted in Cairo)

Debora, Spain

'Improved my dancing and teaching skills amazingly!'

"A-Z is a great tool and assessment by Keti is really worthwhile. I have completed Original PT, Advanced PT and Teacher Training. The assessments, feedback and work I put into the courses improved my dancing and my teaching skills amazingly!"

Tracey, Australia

'I noticed such a difference - it has become a foundation for my dancing'

"I noticed such a difference in my dancing since studying with Keti in NYC, I always refer to her A-Z routines, and they have become a foundation for my dancing. I don't think I'd be where I am today as a dancer if I'd not studied with her. Thank you!"

Heather, Australia

'An excellent teaching tool that provides endless opportunities'

"A-Z Bellydance has helped dancers worldwide develop and hone their craft through a logical, aesthetic approach to choreography. It is also an excellent teaching tool that provides endless opportunities for instruction at all levels."

Paola, Brazil

'The routines feel so natural'

"I am so happy with what I have learnt from the A-Z courses. I found that because the routines feel so natural, they work great for both improvisation and choreography."

Lila, South Africa

'Help whenever I needed support '

"I felt that your were teaching me in person. Thank you for replying to all my queries promptly and being there to help me whenever I needed support with my learning."

Rasika, India

'Insightful comments and feedback'

"I have enjoyed your Teacher Training course very much and have loved the varying content that your work contains enabling us to make some very diverse courses. Thanks for all your insightful comments on my evaluations. They were extremely helpful and I've integrated them into my teaching."

Wendy, Canada

'Develops style and technique'

"A-Z is a fantastic course and your advice has been of great help to us in developing our style and technique! The routines have taught us how to structure dances and they still act as the basis for our choreographies!"

Amelia, Wales

'Reading energetic qualities of the dancer'

"I love the way that the assessor can read the energetic qualities of the dancer... it resonates with me as a teacher. This supports my students and teaching so much, thank you!"

Cathy, Australia

'Inspiration and support'

"After graduating from Keti Sharif 's Original Teacher Training, I felt so proud of myself! I am so grateful for my inspiration and the hours of support I have had from Keti."

Faith, Canada

'Helped improve my dancing more than anything else so far'

"Thank you for the evaluation of the routines and assessment report. It helped improve my dancing more than anything else so far and the personal feedback was very useful for me."

Angela, Greece

'Incredibly useful and helpful, each time I work with it, I get more out of it'

"As a teacher I'm finding A-Z incredibly useful and helpful - and it seems like each time I work with it, I get more out of it. A wonderful system for the person who is looking for a longer syllabus for teaching."

Amanda, USA
'Enriching Knowledge'

"I really love the routines and enjoy basking in all your knowledge of our art form and the history that enriches it. I have both the A-Z Original and Advanced & love them. Thank you for sharing your talent & passion with us."

Jen, USA

'I have gained so much already!'

"I am so excited about passing the A-Z course! I cannot express how much I LOVE this dance system and feel that I have gained so much already."

Simone, Australia
'Improvisation is Easier... I'm learning the essence of the dance'

"Before A-Z, I knew my basic moves but to string them together, especially to improvise, was difficult for me. I could follow my teachers in class, but when it was time to dance, I froze. With A-Z, I feel like I'm learning the essence of the dance and I'm confidently putting my own style into it. Improvisation is now much easier."

Reena, USA

'Cultural Reference and cultural reference... its an eye opener!'

"I'm so happy with how you explain the moves and cultural reference, it is an eye-opener. I've studied with Arabic teachers and world masters, yet no other teacher spoke about this. Thank you very much for these bellydance secrets! Now my dancing has real Egyptian flavour."

Barbara, Germany


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