A-Z Bellydance 6 Month Course Jun-Nov 2020

Starts June 1st, 2020

Join Keti for a fully guided 6 month online study course, delieverd weekly:
Course start date: 1st June 2020
1. Somatics for Bellydance (2 weeks)
2. Core Essentials: 120 Moves (3 weeks)
3. A-Z Original (6 weeks)
4. A-Z Advanced (6 weeks)
5. A-Z Teacher Training (6 weeks)
Graduation date: 30th Nov 2020

The Course Structure of the A-Z Bellydance Series

The best way of completing all courses in the A-Z Bellydance series is to do the complete training course together with our Jun-Nov study group. Alternatively, you can do the progressive same course series as self-paced self study, without mentorship by getting each part individually. See below.


1. Somatics for Bellydance

The pre-requisite foundation for A-Z Bellydance courses, includes somatics, the 6 levels of connectivity, music-movement relationship & dimensional cube. Required for A-Z Original Course.

Suggested Time: 2 weeks
Cost $60 USD


2. Core Essentials
120 Moves

3 Parts: Fluid, Percussive & Kinetic Moves. Learn 120 core individual moves with correct weight transfer, initialtion points, phrasing & sensory cues. Moves co-join in Original & Advanced sequences. Required for A-Z Original Course. 

Suggested Time: 3 weeks
Cost: $90 USD


3. A-Z Original Bellydance Course

Learn A-Z Bellydance 'seeds' & 26 Original sequences. Course offers a full drill, 5 flexi-choreos to LIVE Egyptian music and 6 training modules. Contains new A-Z Original video clips, study manuals, live music tracks & exams.

Suggested Time: 6 weeks
Cost $360 USD


4. A-Z Advanced Bellydance Course

Features 26 x progressive routines that interlink with Original sequences for stagecraft, performance and spatial skills. Course offers 6 improvisational choreos to live music with refined patterns/motifs, and 6 x modules.

Suggested Time: 6 weeks
Course Cost $360


5. Teacher & Assessor Training

After completing A-Z Original & Advanced, NEW A-Z Teacher Training combines both methodologies and movement analysis, with formations, props, teaching plans & class sheets. Updated Teacher Training is required to conduct new Orig/Adv couses.

Suggested Time: 6 weeks
Course cost $360


A-Z Bellydance 
12 Month Teacher Training Course 

Study the entire series of 5 x A-Z Courses: Somatics, Core Essentials: 120 Moves, A-Z Original & Advanced, Teacher Training. Delivered in fortnightly modules, with group mentoring. Join any time in 2020.

Time: 6 Months Jun-Nov 2020
Cost $1320 USD, Earlybird $1200

More Educational Courses and Resources for Bellydancers

Egyptian music, history and culture, plus somatics and musicality for dancers.

View the Keti's educational courses on Teachable, and expand your knowledge of history, tradition, culture, or somatics or musicality - at any level. No pre-requisites required, you may take these educational courses at any time. See the individual courses below or visit Keti's Teachable course site.


The Traditional Arts of Egypt

Music, Moulids and Folk dances - Keti guides you through an historic and cultural perspective of Egypt's arts, referencing dance, architecture, textiles and more.  

Suggested Time: 1 Day
Traditional Arts of Egypt $30


Musicality for Bellydancers

Learn about Arabic and Middle Eastern instruments, rhythms, musical styles and music-movement connectivity, including information from Keti's music research and worldwide surveys. 

Suggested Time: 2 weeks
Musicality for Bellydancers $40


The Musical Heart of Egypt

View the clips from our popular travel event in Sairo - traditional Saiidi, Baladi, Classical Music, Percussion and more. Observe musical instruments and bands playing styles for bellydance.

Suggested Time: 5 Days
Cost $45


Dance the Elements for Teachers

Explore the elements of water, fire, earth and air and how they relate to bellydance music, movement, healing and wellbeing. Create your own dance classes, teaching resources included.

Suggested Time: 3 weeks
Cost $60


AstroBelly 12 day Challenge

Learn a complete AstroBelly routine each day - in just 15 minutes a day you can build a rich choreography to a beautiful new Egyptian musical by Khaled Hassan. Easy intro to AstroBelly!

Suggested Time: 12 Days
Course cost $30


AstroBelly Complete Training

Learn 12 AstroBelly routines, 4 choreos and 'dance your chart' based on the 12 signs of the zodiac. Explore each sign's character, symbol, body focus & element. A great resource for teachers.

Suggested Time: 3 weeks
Cost $60

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