Jul-Sep, 2019
Australia, Egyptian Style Bellydance Workshops

Al Qamar - NEW Workshops, Australia

New dance to a beautiful Egyptian instrumental by Khaled Hassan, featuring many rhythms including samaii 10/8. Learn new movements and sequences to enrich your dancing.

Sunday 28th July MELBOURNE
Sunday 25th August SYDNEY
Sunday 1st September PERTH

October 6-10, 2019
Location: Cairo, Egypt

Musical Heart of Egypt, Dance to Live Music!

5 Days of live Egyptian music, dance and a variety of dance styles. Guests include Nesrin Bahaa, Vanessa Raqs, Hamdy ElHakim, Noura and over 35 Musicians!

Day 1 - Percussion (guest Vanessa and Ensemble)
Day 2 - Baladi Music
Day 3 - Saiidi (Guest Nesrin Bahaa)
Day 4- Classical Om Kolthoum (guest Nora)
Day 5 - Shaabi and Nile Gala Cruise Party

Just $650 USD, book with a $300 deposit now, pay balance on arrival. Extra events and tours to Red Sea and Dendera available 11-14 Oct.

Feb-Oct 2019
Online 9 month A-Z Teacher Training Course

A-Z Teacher Training Online

The complete new format A-Z Bellydance training course curriculum, from Somatics, to Core Essentials, A-Z Original, Advanced and Teacher Training. New resources including live recorded music and choreographies!
Starts Jan 7, 2020! Bookings open Oct 2019.

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