WAMED Festival 2014 - Farida Fahmy Tribute Show with guest Liza Laziza

The Farida Fahmy Tribute show
was staged in honour our festival guest Farida Fahmy - one of Egypt’s most beloved dancers, and an artist who has dedicated her life to Egyptian theatre dance. With Farida Fahmy in the audience, the tribute concert brought to life the historic repertoires of the Reda Troupe and her and Mahmoud’s contribution to Egyptian dance theatre.

The collaborative project was produced by Alma Sahan, Paivi Mielikainen and Rose Ottaviano and was presented by several Australian groups – from Sydney: Farrah - Fananat Al Raks Al Masri, from Perth: Raks Harissa Collective and Mystique Dance Company, and from Brisbane: The Australian Arabic Orchestra Dancers.

After seeing the show in her honour, Farida Fahmy says "I was holding back tears as I watched, the dancers were so beautiful and presented the dances with pride and integrity. The Reda theatre dances are being kept alive by these dancers."

The event was sponsored by Bellydance Oasis and Act-Belong-Commit.
Film-story production, narration and edit by Keti Sharif, artwork Alma Sarhan.


Act List: Liza Laziza, Reda Introduction, Haggallah, Fellahin, Mid Year Vacation, Milayah, Sayidi, Muwashahat, Love at Karnac with film footage describing the development of the Reda Troupe styles. Full credits and dancer's names appear on DVD credits.


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  Special Permissions   "Ganalhawa" performed by Hossam Ramzy & His Egyptian Ensemble from "Best of Abdul Halim Hafiz" EUCD2430 Courtesy of ARC Music Productions Int. Ltd.