WAMED Festival 2014 - Faces of Isis - Theatrical, Fusion and Experimental Bellydance


The WAMED Sunday night Gala concert at the Regal theatre celebrated the festival's 15 Year anniversary. The Faces of Isis bracket of the Concert portrayed the many 'Faces of Isis' within the bellydance related arts, with fusion, theatre and new expreimental styles of bellydance. It featured contemporary bellydance with an emphasis on exploring the archetypes through theatre. From the Birth of Isis, to the Death of Isis tableau, the showcase explored an array of themes - dark and light - with sword, veils, masks and more.

Special guests appeared throughout, along with local dance troupes and choreographers. The presentation of communal dance pieces such as Ma'isah's community dance collaboratives, highlighted the integration of the cyberworld's new role in bringing community together in these dance projects. One of the highlights was a piece dedicated to a beloved dance sister, and her journey with breast cancer. The show was a catalyst to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Care Foundation on the evening, thank you to all who contributed.

Act List: Synnamun, Karimah, Virginia, Ma'isah and Sacred Heart, Paola, Hathor troupe, Mystique, Bellydance Arabesque, Cinnamon Twist, Aradia, Ma'isah Habibti Albi Human, Raqs Zahara, Belyssa. Full credits and dancer's names appear on DVD credits.

Event presented by Bellydance Oasis Magazine and Act-Belong-Commit.
Images: SynnAmun (above), Belyssa and baby Giuseppe (left). By Wayne Eddy.



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