Diamond Sky WEST DVD
Fantasy & Fusion, with Australian-infused Oriental dance

Saturday's spectacular WEST concert showcases innovative Fantasy and Fusion bellydance with a focus on creative new works and exciting cutting-edge solo and theatrical troupe performances.

Be mesmerized by the etheric and evocative 'Ghosts' troupe performance by Ma'isah, moved by the powerful lyrical quality of the Isadora Duncan inspired dance by Paola Blanton (Brazil) and modern Algerian fusion with Tamalyn Dallal (USA). Enjoy playful circus themed burlesque by Kylie Morrison and Kylea plus an array of stunning and creative fusion, tribal, fan veil and Isis wing performances.

The second bracket features Australian-infused Oriental and fusion bellydance, including Australia's dynamic Rose Ottaviano, Yamina's live BellySamba performance, Nanda and Na'lah's beautiful vintage Baladi ensemble and Belyssa's entertaining 'Persian Circus' tableau that will have you clapping - or dancing - along with the merriment!

Click below to see a sample clip, or to view the full act list with web links to performers, musicians and photographers.


Cost $15 + $5 postage, allow 7-14 days for delivery

1st Bracket - Fantasy and Fusion
  Performance Act List   Web Links and Music Credits  
  Special thanks to Bellydance.com for music permission for Nanda and Na'ilah's troupe performance.    
  1. Paola Blanton (Brazil)

  Performer contact - www.paolablanton.com
Music - Chopin
  2. Mai'sah (Vic) and Dark Djinn Ghosts

  Performer contact - www.raqsgothique.com
Troupe performers - Ma'isah, Aradia, FiFi Noir, Fiona Watts, Richelle Spencer, Aiveen Amos, Tabetha Wright, Karyn Willins, Johara
Music - Sancturay by Ranja
  3. Paola Blanton (Brazil) Lyrical Duncan

  Performer contact - www.paolablanton.com
Music - Dead Can Dance
  4. Virginia Keft-Kennedy (NSW) Fan Veils

  Performer contact - www.cinnamon-twist.com.au
Music - Natacha Atlas
  5. Divine Elements (SA) Bellydance Fusion

  Performer contact - www.bellydancearabesque.com.au
Troupe performers - Regan Gardner (Rania), Sarah Johnson (Sarah Maeer), Sarah Tucker (Sarafina)
Music - Lindsey Stirling
  6. Kylie Morrison (NSW) Hoop

  Performer contact - www.astartestudio.com
Music - The Beat by Analogik
  7. Ma'isah (Vic) 'Theda Bara' Live

  Performer contact - www.raqsgothique.com
Music - keyboards by Dave Hilton
  8. Jarna White (WA) Tribal Fusion

  Performer contact - jarna666@msn.com
Music - Beats Antique
  9. Al Hasnaa (WA) Isis Wings


Choreographer - Dahlia Honey dahliasbellydancingwawings@yahoo.com
Troupe performers - Alison Van Der Sluys, Jessica Duncan, Pera Edwards, Emilee Ogden, Rachel Boyle.
Music - Desert Rose remix by Sting featuring Cheb Mami

  10. Tamalyn Dallal (USA) Algerian Fusion

  Performer contact - www.tamalyndallal.com
Music - Algerian Fusion
  11. Kylea Hartley (SA) Moonlight - Paprika

  Performer contact - www.tribevibebellydance.com
Music - Paprika Balkanicus
  12. Laziza (WA) Liquid Veils

  Performer contact - www.facebook.com/lisa.turibaka
Music - Ice Queen by Dinletir
2nd Bracket - Australian Infused Oriental
  Performance Act List   Web Links and Music Credits  
  1. Yamina (WA) - Bellysamba Live

  Performer contact - www.belezasamba.com.au
Music - Live music composition by Mikeleza and band
  2. Raqs Zahara (WA) - Reach for the Stars

  Performer contact - www.raqszahara.com.au
Troupe Performers - Tabetha Wright (Zahara), Cathy Ross, Melissa Galea, Zoe Baldock, Sharon Kuipers-­Chan, Liz Sinclair
Music - Ya Salam al Balady - Hassan Abou El Seoud
  3. Nanda & Na'ilah (WA) - Vintage Bellydance 70's

  Performer contact - www.bellydancecentral.com
Troupe Performers - Andrea Orlowsky, Adrienne Byrd, Anna Bertolini, Anna Klyne, Jacintha Bell, Stephanie Contardo, Liz Grzyb, Nanda (Amanda Perris), Na'ilah (Nicol Irwin)
Music - Soheir Zaki Baladi & Habkish Ya Gadaa Samir Srour
Kind permission www.bellydance.com
  4. Rose Ottaviano (WA) - Classical Oriental

  Performer contact - www.facebook.com/rose.ottaviano
Music - Ana Fintizarak (Classical)
  5. Michelle & Ahlaam Dancers (WA) - Oriental

  Performer contact - www.bellydance-perth.blogspot.com.au
Troupe Performers - Michelle Ridsdale, Julia Farinaccio, Janet Hof, Sally Ann Hughes, Jadranka Grubic, Lucinda Pita, Justina Tong, Jessica Duncan, Kathy Kont (Shafira) Music by Hossam Ramzy, choreography credit Aziza
Music - Diamond in the Rough by Hossam Ramzy and drum by Issam Houshan
  6. Samantha D'Silva (WA) - Soca Fusion

  Performer contact - samantha_dsilva@hotmail.com
Music - Jiggle It by Shurwayne Winchester
  7. Laila and Karimah (WA) - Club Bellydance

  Performer contact - karimah87@live.com.au
Troupe Performers - Karimah Afifi and Laila Afifi
Music - Egyptian Club remix (Afifi)
  8. Belyssa and Desert Fire (WA) - Del Mibari - Persian Circus comes to the Oasis

  Performer contact - www.belyssa.com
Troupe Performers - Belyssa, Gintaras, Anya Werner, Margaret Hughes, Pat Mclaughlin, Sharon Baylee, Fiona Job, Carolyn Verhoef, Janet Aberle, Julie Rankin, Gwen McElwee, Nancy Davidson, Yvonne Pether
Music - Bandari by Del Mibari
  9. Michelle Ridsdale (WA) - Bollywood

  Performer contact - www.bellydance-perth.blogspot.com.au
Music - Ohh La La!! Shreya Ghoshal & Bappi Lahiri
Special Thanks
  Alma Sarhan (WA) - Photography   Photographer website - www.almasarhanphotography.com  
  Marc Cooper (UK) - Photography   Photographer contact - majmadance@hotmail.co.uk  
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