WAMED Festival 2013 - EAST Concert featuring Ozgen's One Day in Istanbul Show

WAMED 2013's Friday night concert featured Ozgen's fabulous Turkish and Romany tableau of performances - 'One Day in Istanbul', Ozgen's special 10 week project with Perth dancers presented at the WAMED EAST concert. See stunning Romany Gypsy troupe dances and dream-like Harem scenes, plus a vibrant and colourful Turkish Oriental bellydance finale. Enjoy Ozgen's entertaining dance theatre performances and dramatic drum solo. Ozgen also performs theatrical Turkish Romany scenes with talented male dancers/actors Garibaldi and Tristan - a first for Australia! Ozgen's show is full of cultural insight, humour and theatrical fun.

The EAST concert also features a wedding scene, in which the 'Middle Eastern Journey' takes place, with ethnic dances from around the Middle East performed by festival guests Tamalyn Dallal (USA), Raheesha (UK), Paola Blanton (Brazil), Dallia (NZ), Paivi & Johara (NSW), live tabla with Hassan and Alma, and a host of shining WA dancers.

Note: The WEST dvd is available in PAL format only

Click below to see a sample clip, or to view the full act list with web links to performers, musicians and photographers.



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Ozgen's 'One Day in Istanbul' and 'Middle Eastern Journey' with festival guests
  Performance Act List   Web Links and Music Credits  
  1. Wedding Scene - Ozgen's show cast

  Dancers from around the world entertain the wedding party.
Performer contact - Ozgen www.ozgen.co.uk plus cast names below
  2. Johara (NSW) Khaleegee Gulf   Performer contact - www.joharabellydancer.com
Music Ya Omri Ana by Miami
  3. Paivi Mielikainen (NSW) Muwashahat)   Performer contact - www.farrahegyptiandance.org.au
Music by Ghada Shbeir
  4. Raheesha (UK) Turkish Double Veil   Performer contact - www.majmadance.co.uk
Music by Can Atilla
  5. Hassan and Alma (WA) - Live Tabla   Performer contact - Hassan and Alison facebook.com/hassan.youssef.5
Alma Sarhan (see below)
  6. Mystique Troupe (WA) - Romany

  Performer contact - www.bellydancecentral.com.au
Troupe members: Angela Irwin, Nikki Irwin, Anna Klyne, Amanda Ford Spora, Annette Hopkinson, Giules Valuri, Kim Astle, Ruza Foster, Lisa Gibson, Jacintha Bell
  7. Dallia (NZ) - Greek Tsiftetelli   Performer contact - www.oasisfordance.com
Music - Traditional Greek
  8. Tamalyn Dallal (USA) Egyptian Baladi   Performer contact - www.tamalyndallal.com
Music - Dallal
  9. Paivi, Alma, Johara (WA/NSW) Haggallah   See individual links  
  10. Paola (Brazil) - Serbian Gypsy   Performer contact - www.paolablanton.com
Music - Traditional Serbian
  11. Ozgen Wedding Crasher and Kanto


An unexpected guest creates a love triangle interrupting a lively wedding celebration filled with dancing, music and traditional Turkish customs.

  12. Romany Streets


The bustling streets of Istanbul come alive with macho men competing for the attention of Romany women going about their daily lives.

  13. Harem and Hammam   In anticipation for the Sultan’s return, the women of the harem prepare themselves in the Turkish bath and rehearse their dance performances. Imaginings of legendary Salome and her Dance of Seven Veils.  
  14. Salome - Russya    
  15. Sultan's Secret  

The victorious Sultan returns from his conquests to greet his people but he holds a secret of vulnerability from the memory of his lost love.

  16. Memory    
  One Day in Istanbul Credits:
Ozgen - Director & Choreographer www.ozgen.co.uk
Suzanne Oehlers - Co-­Producer & Assistant Director suzannedancer

One Day in Istanbul Cast:
Ladies: Aiveen Amos, Alma Sarhan, Amanda Smith, Emily Rogers, Jane Hebiton, June Maideen, Natalie Diggins, Michelle Ridsdale, Michelle Settmatcher, Leeane Alfano, Lisa Turibaka, Phynia Anastas, Rose Ottaviano, Russya, Simone Bishop, Suzanne Oehlers, Tabetha Wright, Whitney Darlaston-­ Jones, Yamina Hofer and stage manager Meg Tahnas. Men: Tristan Balz, Garibaldi Delisle, Ozgen

Ozgen's Turkish and Romany music compilation credits:

Bülent Altenaba - Arap Saz Semai
Orhan Gencebay - Ziyankar
Hursid Yenigun ve Grubu - Kabadan Roman Potpori
Büyük Roman Orkestras - Romani
Dum Dum tak - Didem Dansin Melegi
Sultans of the Dance - Anadolu Atesi
Asar Akpence - Gypsie Girl
Bu Gece Lazim - 7 Kocali Hurmus
Osman Ismen Project - Romani
Zeki Muren - Okahir Mektubu
Bunyamin Olguncan - Mevlana
Special Thanks
  Wayne Eddy (WA) - Photography   Photographer website - www.wayneeddyphotography.com  
  Marc Cooper (UK) - Photography   Photographer contact - majmadance@hotmail.co.uk  
  Bellydance Oasis Magazine - Sponspors   Magazine website - www.bellydanceoasis.com