Classical Veil - New AstroBelly Choreography
2 hour workshop with video clips plus notes

Discover the dance energies of the elements and NEW ways of using AstroBelly with Veil!

Learn a full, rich veil dance Filmed LIVE in Melbourne, Aug 2015.
5 x Clips: Zodiac routines - Air, Earth, Fire & Water signs
4 x PDFS: Choreography, Astro Choreo Map, Symbols & Chart Project

Fully filmed 2 hour workshop, plus notes and choreographic map. View clips online or download to directly your computer. Thoroughly explained, describing each element section, plus the full choreo and the zodiac 'map' - a new way to choreograph through symbol.

Classical veil workshop consists of 5 x live class video clips and 4 x pdfs - in a private dropbox folder.

Delivered within minutes - learn at leisure
Just $20

The music: Nesma's 'El Nasseem short version' music mp3 is $1 to download here. It is track 13.

  "Dear Keti, congratulations and thank you for creating such a wonderful veil choreography. The choreo fits so perfectly the music and illustrates very well all the invaluable information about the zodiac signs, the elements and emotions."
Eleonore, Portugal
  "Hi Keti, just wanted to thank you again for your brilliant workshop yesterday! I had such a good time and loved basking in all your knowledge of our art form and the history that enriches it."

Jen Cristonsen
, Australia


  "A wonderful, creative, inspirational system. I will be practising and writing more choreographies over the summer, simply because I love it all so much."
Charlotte, UK
  "I cannot express how much I LOVE this dance system and feel that I have gained so much already."
Simone, Australia