Bellydance Terminologies Illustrated E-Book`

A comprehensive guide to cultural, colloquial and general bellydance terminologies

Bellydance enthusiasts enjoy a language that often transcends borders - from the native Middle eastern dance and music terminologies to the 'coined phrases' that have emerged as dancers worldwide have communicated their passion for the art and created terminology that has become known internationally.

This guide is a useful resource for teachers and students - with terms that describe the music, culture, styles, genres, instruments, rhythms, qualities, costuming, movements and historical figures of the bellydance or Raks Sharqi world.

Folkloric terms, and tribal elements are also covered - the approach is a broad spectrum of dance terminologies that describe the many styles that have evolved world wide. There are many Middle Eastern words, as well as the
Western modifications and word-creations that have been developed and widely used by bellydancers, to highlight the newer realms of contemporary and fusion bellydance.

Each page features illustrations to highlight several key terminologies.

Keti Sharif
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