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My new e-book 'Teaching Bellydance; How to create curriculum to support your student's progress' explores the benefits of structured learning and teaching. Learn practical, proven ways to improve the effectiveness of your instructional strategies and ongoing curriculum, as a dance teacher. Curriculum helps grow your bellydance business, and give your teaching style definition and clarity.

The e-book is packed with information on curriculum types, delivery modes, important learning procedures and progressive ways to support dance students.

It features insights and interviews with Mahmoud Reda and Farida Fahmy on their own renowned teaching and methodology, and observes current bellydance teaching trends that have enjoyed internatoinal success - either as live courses, online tuition or correspondence study. This is an essential guide for all teachers in the business of bellydance, who are interested in creating a more structured approach to their teaching - to enhance their business and professional skills.

Click here for a PDF of the table of contents to see what topics are covered.

42 page e-book - Information packed, includes samples and project pages.
Keti Sharif, 2015
$20 USD

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