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New Somatics for Bellydance Course
Music, Movement & Body Connectivity

Keti's New 4 Part Course - Somatics for Bellydance
Music, Movement and Body Connectivity

6 Levels of Connectivity *Elements *Music-Movement *Laban Cube

1. Welcome
Introductory video
2. Somatics Course
Study Manual
3. About Somatics
Audio Book
4. Bonus Video -
10 Point Practice
5. Video Lesson 1
Body Connectivity
6. Video Lesson 2
The Elements
7. Video Lesson 3
8. Video Lesson 4
The Laban Cube

Educational resource - 8 items includes BONUS support exercises & '10 Point' Practice.
Seminar and materials by Keti. Dance demonstraions by Phynia. Great for teachers!
* NOTE: Online Exam available and a Certificate is awarded on successful completion.

Trish from Australia says:
"I have thoroughly enjoyed every class. I feel it has made a difference already. I feel more connected to my body, the movements and the music. My friend also notice a difference in me and commented. It all just makes sense and I have connected to it so easily!"

Buy Somatics for Bellydance Course
Now for $80 USD

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