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About the 'Dance of the Serpent Veil'

The 'Dance of the Serpent Veil' is a work Keti choreographed in Egypt to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of A-Z Bellydance in 2014, and many teachers around the world shared the dance with their students.

The 'Serpent Veil' is a dance story, and the silk veil represents the serpent and also allows the dancer to step into the 'snake's skin' for the story. The serpent jouneys through the sea, desert, fire and sky to harness the qualities of each of the elements she encounters, ultimately embracing her true power. She embodies each element through the essence and energy of her movements, and explores an ever-changing relationship with the veil.

Bellydance is a perfect vehicle for artistic expression and the serpent is a powerful symbol of wisdom and evolution, linked with dance and mystery. Emergance, energy and transformation are key themes within the 'Dance of the Serpent Veil' choreography. The dancer will experience a sense of fluidity, balance, dynamic energy shifts, and a feeling of grace and flow. It is a dance that I have created a special musical piece for, with a contemporary feel that can expand into a variety of directions.


Cost: $20 plus $5 postage
includes MP3 Music and choreo notes

Serpent Veil DVD
A new instructional DVD with Keti Sharif - e
asy to learn, fun to perform or teach.

* Serpent Veil workshop exactly as taught by Keti on the workshop tour
* The Serpent Veil story explained, to integrate visual story
* Learn the 5 x A-Z routines and modifications for K-O for the choreography
* Learn how movements change 'energy' from one element to the other
* Discover which areas of your body to energise to assimilate the elements
* Learn the full choreography - you can perform it or even teach it to students!
* Learn new veil work, and the new unique 'Serpent Knot' with the veil
* You will also get the music MP3 FREE & choreo notes - a complete package
Produced 2014