Salacia is the mythological goddess of sea and salt water, diving into the depths of the abyss.

Keti's new Bellydance Fusion CD with contemporary fusion music and drums. Suits modern bellydance, tribal fusion and theatrical dance - with some slow tracks for mesmerizing warm ups and active drums for shimmies and walks. From dark and deep to soothing chilled grooves, there are an array of 11 songs.

01 Journey of Salacia (with Tribal Jury)
02 Snakeshake
03 Water Bearer (with Tribal Jury)
04 Fire of Andalus (with Ric Bermudez)
05 Miss Abyss
06 Trident Tabla
07 Sojourn
08 Zap Drum
09 Ras El Bahr
10 Dark Sea Dancer
11 Qahira el Leila

View Salacia clip on Youtube to get a feel for some of the tracks: clip is 1.5 mins

Download new 'Trident Tabla' notes for a drum choreography highlighting phrasing, with A-Z Advanced Routines


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