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  The music on this new CD was inspired by 16 charismatic dancers, A-Z Teachers who explore and define their own spirited artistry. Their unique style, vision and creativity has in turn, inspired many more dancers around the world. Elements of each dancer’s own culture and personality have shaped the musical pieces. Every one of these dancers is a special part of my story. Mythology is dedicated to all dancing Goddesses creating their own story.

"The music is deep, mysterious and darkly alluring - invoking a myriad of feminine archetypes."

1.    Isis Ayoub (for Heba)  3:13
2.    Huntress Moon (for Cathy) 3:36
3.    Gaia Earth Song (for Diana) 2:18
4.    Celestial Treasure (for Guinevere) 4:23
5.    Akasha (for Heike) 3:55
6.    Ishtar's Underworld (for Kelly) 4:47
7.    Silk Road (for Jilyan) 4:25        
8.    Muse of Dance (for Siobhan) 3:04
9.    Shakti's Dance (for Subrina) 3:04
10.  Athena's Chiftetelli (for Dallia) 3:40           
11.  Celestiine Jazz (for Jazana) 2:16
12.  Mercurial Gypsy (for Paola) 2:58
13.  Call of Nubia (for Renate) 2:17   
14.  Spirited Yemayá (for Suzanne) 3:14        
15.  Voodoo Drums (for Shakira) 2:35        
16.  Ebony Madonna Sway (for Debora) 6:02
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