MUSICALITY FOR DANCERS in Cairo, Oct 1-6, 2016
'The Art of Improvisation' - 6 days of live music & culture


Bookings Close Sunday, 18th Sep, 2016

Dear dancers, I'm hosting a world first live music event in Egypt to enhance musicality skills and deepen your connection to Egyptian music and culture.

Day 1: Egyptian Baladi
(chat by Liza Laziza)
Urban Baladi songs with the Egyptian Tahkt ensemble. Baladi singers explain colloquial metaphor and gesture.

Day 2: Saiidi and traditions from Upper Egypt (Chat with Nesrin Bahaa)
Learn about Saiidi rhythms & folk songs. Takhtib dance demonstration.

Day 3: Classical Orchestra (plus morning tea with Farida Fahmy)
Discover maqams, taqsim solos, and the art of Tarab. Classical favourites include Om Kolthsoum & Abdel Halim Hafez, singers translate lyrics.

Day 4: Sufi dance and Percussion
Dance to the soulful sounds of Sufi music and chanting, plus Sufi whirling demonstration. Create a powerful live tabla solo with percussionists.

Day 5: Zaar Ceremony
A powerful woman's drum and dance ceremony. Experience the cleansing effects of this Shamanic art.

Day 6: Nile Boat Cruise (plus Henna how-to workshop available)
Enjoy OUR private boat with the live band, with special guests. Its your time to shine, dance and enjoy the night - performances welcome!

What makes this different?
You'll learn through the rich experience of connecting and responding to live music - there is no teacher nor choreography to follow. Afterwards, enjoy Egyptian dinner (included) in the gardens and chat with musicians and singers. We limit the group 40 participants for quality. Kindly note, this my final event in Egypt and I will no longer be hosting events in Egypt after this.

Cost - $700 usd.

Just $400 to book, balance to be paid at event. You'll need to book your own accom - Ramses Hilton give us a special rate $100 per night twin or $90 single. (Note twin works out to just $50 per person). Its only $10 extra per room for Nile view rooms - worth it!

It will be a wonderfully enriching cultural experience. Email me if you have any questions!

Keti Sharif



How to Book

Step 1: Download 4 page Musicality for Dancers PDF - read.

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Note: Bookings Close Sunday, 18th Sep, 2016
Its just $700 USD for the six day course (sessions, dinners, cruise).
Pay $400 to book, pay the balance of $300 on arrival 1 Oct.
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