Musicality for Bellydancers Course

Keti Sharif presents 4 video seminars with a 50 page ebook - clips of music-movement research in Cairo, and a recent worldwide survey. Learn to identify a variety of Arabic musical instruments, compositional styles, cultural genres, and how they influence improvisation & choreography.

Video 1. Arabic Instruments, Music & Culture
* Arabic Instruments and recurring movement responses
* Maqams to Taqsim; Arabic melodic modes & aesthetic
* Arabic music and cultural traditions, genres and styles

Video 2. Rhythm & Tempo as Foundation
* Middle Eastern rhythms and associated movement
* How tempo and BPM affect pace and weight transfer
* Rhythmic patterning for footwork, travelling, turning

Video 3. Musicality Skills for Dancers
* Musicality - skills for the bellydance choreographer
* Musical awareness for improvisation and free-dance
* Notation & phrasing - tools for compositional structure

Video 4. Musical Energy & Resonance
* Energetic resonance and music-movement connection
* Musicality survey findings - what new data reveals
* The Elements in Bellydance - Earth, Fire, Air, Water

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Sample (Video 1):


Musicality for Bellydancers Course
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