Musicality for Bellydancers
is a NEW resource - an online educational seminar - 4 X VIDEO SEMINARS and a comprehensive 50 PAGE EBOOK, with new clips from my years of music-movement research in Cairo, and recent worldwide survey. The course is delivered online.

Music-movement relationships are the foundation for bellydance, and understanding instinctive responses helps us merge with the music more creativity. Learn to identify a variety of Arabic musical instruments and compositional styles, along with the cultural genres they represent. Explore various rhythmic forms and tempo ranges, and see how they directly influence improvisation and choreography.

You receive 4 x 20 minute seminar film clips & comprehensive E-book, which includes images of each instrument. Topics explored:

1. Arabic Instruments, Music & Culture
* Arabic Instruments and recurring movement responses
* Maqams to Taqsim; Arabic melodic modes & aesthetic
* Arabic music and cultural traditions, genres and styles

2. Rhythm & Tempo as Foundation
* Middle Eastern rhythms and associated movement patterns
* How tempo and BPM affect pace and weight transfer
* Rhythmic patterning for footwork, travelling, turning

3. Musicality Skills for Dancers
* Musicality - skills for the bellydance choreographer
* Musical awareness for improvisation and free-dance
* Notation and phrasing - tools for compositional structure

4. Musical Energy & Resonance
* Energetic resonance and music-movement connection
* Musicality survey findings - what new data reveals
* The Elements in Bellydance - Earth, Fire, Air, Water

  In Cairo, I conducted a 'blind study' where bellydancer Liza Laziza danced to a group of Egyptian musicians, who played each instrument individually, and as orchestral compositions. Some of the high-speed photos showed powerfully resonnant music-movement responses and are shown in the video seminars and ebook.

The cost is $40 USD. Content is delivered by email.

Book Musicality for Bellydancers Online Seminar
4 x Videos plus Ebook featuring LIVE research
Instant download.

Cost: $40 USD


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