Musical Heart of Egypt
November 4-8, 2018

Dancers, join us in Cairo for a 5 day immersion into live Egyptian music. Develop musical aptitude and improve interpretive dance skills to improvise with more freedom, confidence and ease. Participants can perform with live music in a safe and welcoming space. Small group for maximum quality and attention. 

We're joined by many talented musicians, plus guest dancers Nesrin and Vanessa, singer Noura, and the legandary Egyptian dance artist, Farida Fahmy.  The event is open to dancers of all levels interested in developing their improvisational skills to live music in a friendly environment!

Keti Sharif

Musical Heart of Egypt Program - Cairo


Day 1 Saiidi Traditional Music

The jubilant sounds of Upper Egypt, guest Nesrin


Day 2 Baladi & Percussion

Dance to the live, raw music and rhythms of Egypt, guest Vanessa


Day 3 Classic Orchestrals

Abdel Halim Hafez and Om Kolthoum classics, guest Noura


Day 4 Classical Raqs Sharqi

Favourite compositions for Raqs Sharqi - entrances & stagecraft


Day 5 Farida Fahmy Seminar

Seminar for dancers and teachers of Egyptian dance


Gala Eveneing Cruise Party

Participant performances, live music and dinner on the Nile

Cost, Venue & Accom

Cost $750 USD
Includes 20 hours workshops, performance evenings and Gala cruise party.

Event classes held at Swiss Club Imbaba - only for participants who have BOOKED. Guests must organize own accommodation. We suggest the Golden Tulip Flamenco in Zamalek. Be sure to book early!

Get In Touch to Book

Email Keti Sharif - online bookings have now closed but we can accept a few more participants at late notice.

Optional Tours by Magharita!

Minimum group of 4 people for fun tours! A great selection of tours for participants who wish to join her.

Nov 3 - Full day tour Pyramids, Citadel & Bazaar
Nov 5 - Gayer Anderson Museum
Nov 6 - Om Kalthoum Museum & Islamic Cairo
Nov 8 - Late Night Dance show - Cairo By Night!
Nov 9 - Sakkara Pyramids & Egyptian Museum