A Somatic Exploration of

Egyptian Musicality & new A-Z Bellydance

Musical Heart of Bellydance: a Somatic Exploration of the NEW A-Z Bellydance

Join Keti for a refreshing Full Day dance development experience; a Somatic exploration of the NEW A-Z to boost skills for improvisation and creating choreography. Explore the structural matrices of Egyptian music and discover NEW A-Z Original and Advanced sequences, including fresh new combined versions. Multi-level.

Cost $180 Aud, 10am-4pm 

Sydney Saturday
2 Feb 2019

Venue: Amera's Palace
314-316 Marrickville Rd,
Marrickville NSW

Perth Saturday
2 Mar 2019

Venue: Free Spirit Dance Studio
5 Hydro Rise,
Bibra Lake WA

Connect more deeply to Egyptian music and you will learn many new adaptable  movement pathways, plus a daily '100 moves' drill for body-memory.

  1. Learn about naturally occurring patterns and motifs within Egyptian music, and how you can internalize these patterns. Explore maqamat, rhythms and styles of taqsim. 
  2. Apply the art of Somatics as you learn some new 'adaptable' A-Z sequences, to create movement pathways that are sensed fully, experienced somatically and expressed easily.
  3. Enjoy a wider scope of confident movement choices that emerge as you expand your internal movement vocabulary (and body-memory) for choreo and improvisation. 
  4. View the LIVE BAND playing on the large screen, to observe the musicians, their playing styles, and how it relates to your dancing.
  5. Learn the NEW A-Z Original '100 MOVES' Bellydance Drill - an 8 minute practice (26 x sequences), to hone your technique - a great practice to boost your Egyptian dance skills. Movements incorporate direct impetus from Mahmoud Reda & Farida Fahmy.
  6. Dance to 10 famous Egyptian classics recorded live in Cairo including songs by Adbel Halim Hafez and Om Kolthsoum and come away with a better understanding of the musical patterns, dynamics and sentiments, reflected in the maqamat.

Limited to 12 Participants

For quality, this three day training is limited to 12 participants per class. Total cost for full day workshop is $180 Aud.

Questions you may ask

Do I need to know the A-Z?

No. Sure it helps, but you can come in at any level, and we will work with wherever you're at. A minimum of 1 year bellydance experience is recommended.

Do I need to buy any materials?

No need to buy anything. You will need to bring a notebook and sketch book though. If interested in dvds or course at a later stage, you can ask me at the event.

How much dancing is there?

We will spend around 2/3 of the time dancing and 1/3 of the time talking, planning, observing, learning, drawing, etc... we will have the band on the big screen!

Is it choreo or improv?

Both improv and choreo. Rest assured you won't be singled out to dance solo at any time, unless you feel like it! You will also create your own choreos (solo/troupe).

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