Travel to Expand Your Horizons & Enhance Your Dance

Our beautiful dance holiday retreats provide an opportunity to enjoy travel with new perspectives as you deepen your dance development. The full immersion of retreat style training, without the distractions of everyday life, allows you to focus on gettig the most from your learning experience, as you dive into a world of wellbeing, somatics, music-movement resonance, sacred geometry, and sensory expansion.

The training programs on these holiday events are designed to establish a wider movement vocbulary, and encourage improvisation, to express yourself in confident new ways.

These holidays offer the joy of travel with a safe space for exploring and growing your dance practice. The training and venues are carefully selected with comfort, beauty and ease as a priority, to make your holiday relaxed and enjoyable. The training provides many benefits, including safe daily movement practices to build new movement pathways, exercises and yoga to promote strength and flexibility, and classes that focus on dancing with awareness to the body's energy centres. As a dancer, you will develop your art through the exploration of movement value, footwork and weight shift, and musicality.

On these holidays, you will connect with a great group of dancers, with similar interests in artistry and wellbeing, and you will make special friendships for life.

OCT 2017 Oceanic Dreaming South Pacific Cruise (Balanced Bellydance)
A beautiful cruise holiday with myself & Shemiran Ibrahim, 22-30 Oct. MORE

DEC 2017 A-Z Teacher Training in CAIRO (below)

JAN 2018 A-Z Teacher Training Margaret River, Western Australia

APR 2018 A-Z Envision Retreat in HAWAII

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