The Flower of Life
A Somatic Journey Through the Elements for Wellbeing

The Flower of Life is a wellbeing dance fitness program, based on sacred geometry, somatics and and music-movement resonance. The elements of earth, fire, water and air manifest as lyrical movement, and express qualities such as gravity-rich connectivity, dynamic expression, sensual flow and nimbleness. It is an integrative experience, blendng several wellness modalities; reflexology, yoga, somatic experiencing andbellydance.

Flexible and suitable for all levels, The Flower of Life is designed to encourage improvisation, and establish re-pattering pathways for a deeper movement vocbulary. The program is designed for safety, and provides a plethora of fitness benefits, including muscle conditioning, strengthening and felxibility, and brings awareness to the body's energy centres, through the exploration of movement value, footwork and weight shift, and musicality.

Join me for a class to experience The Flower of Life program, or if interested in Teaching, The Flower of Life Instructor's course pack is available. Its predecessor was the Dance the Elements, also available here, with a stronger focus on Egyptian classical dance and musicality.

Out October 2017

Flower of Life Class - Download Online
Enjoy a 45 Minute Flower of Life Class with Keti
October, 2017

Flower of Life Instructor Training
Online Training course
October, 2017

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