Farida Fahmy Seminar & Workshop Transcrips

The dancing of the Reda Troupe and its principle dancer Farida Fahmy, revolutionised dance theatre in Egypt and paved the way for a new millenieu of dance worldwide. These transcripts of one of Farida Fahmy’s final teaching Workshops of Dec 2011, conducted in Perth, Western Australia. Notes are comprehensive and in point form, as part of Farida’s full description of each point in her workshop delivery, from the following Egyptian dance workshops and semnars:

1. The Integrity of Costume Seminar
Egyptian Aesthetics within a Framework Workshop
The Deeper Layers of Dance Workshop
Reda Troupe Field Research Seminar

Features info on Fellahin, Sayidi, Milaya, Haggalah, Muwashahat, Siwa and Nubian styles of dance and costume. If you have been to a workshop or seminar of Farida's you know how info rich they are. She is no longer teaching workshops, but these are some of her more recent teachings and bring together a lifetime of ideas, research and information.

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