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The Life of Farida Fahmy

FARIDA - a documentary about Egypt's legend of dance, Farida Fahmy produced by Keti Sharif (Cairo 2011). Farida talks about her life, both personal and public - as the lead dancer of 25 years of the Reda Troupe. The Reda Troupe revolutionised dance theatre in Egypt and paved the way for a new millenieu of dance worldwide.

Features personal interviews with Farida Fahmy and Mahmoud Reda, plus rare images of Farida's life and dance clips plus previously unseen footage. Farida also speaks about the various genres of Egyptian dance stylised by the Reda Troupe; Fellahin, Sayidi, Milaya, Haggalah, Muwashahat, Siwa and Nubian.

Screened in 20 cities worldwide in 2012. READ FILM REVIEW BY CHARNI

DVD contains three sections
Chapter 1: Farida Fahmy - Early Life
Chapter 2: The Reda Troupe
Chapter 3: Genres of Egyptian Dance

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Farida (90 mins, English)

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