The exclusive Sphinx Festival evening event, 'Egypt's Ethnic Costume' with Shahira Mehrez
is NOW available for the first time as an instant download!

The 2010 festival event features a rare collection of women's costumes from Regional Egypt, modelled and described in historical and cultral context. Learn about traditional Egyptian women's clothing and textile traditions from various regions:

Nubia, Upper Egypt, Middle Egypt, Delta, Sinai & Siwa.

The rare footage of this powerful presentation serves as an excellent resource for dancers who are interested in Egyptian cutural arts.
Shahira's knowledge of the regional costumes of Egypt is unsurpassed, and it provides a quality educational resource.

Ethnologist, University lecturer, fashion designer and researcher - Shahira Mehrez has spent over 40 years keeping the traditions of Egypt’s textile arts alive, archiving the increasingly disappearing provincial and region-specific clothing styles that reflect the rich cultural roots, artistry and identity of Egyptian women.

As festival director, I collaborated with researcher and costume collector Shahira Mehrez to highlight the festival theme ‘Egyptian Dance and Ethnology’ in 2010. This rare event is a culmination of fashin show and seminar, aimed at providing participants with a rich, visual and historic overview of Egyptian women’s clothing and textile traditions.

The hour long presentation took place in her Cairo home. Shahira displayed her unique collection of authentic Egyptian costumes, many which have since disappeared from the regions, and delivers vast historical knowledge about the culture of the various provinces. This is a unique opportunity to watch the fascinatng event as a series of easy-to-view clips that you can refer to any time.

Shahira is doing some great work in Egypt, she
heads the El-Arish Needlework Program, to develop female employment in the North Sinai, a region in which many Bedouin women are illiterate and seldom work outside the home. She also is active in an NGO in Egypt called the "Women for Women " campaign, fund raising to increase women participation in decision taking processes, parliamentary and municipal elections.

Here is a short sample clip, with Shahira talking about regional costume styles:
  Purchase here to receive the full hour of live event footage from the Sphinx Festival.
The footage, highlighting various regions is presented in an easy-to-reference format of 10 x individual clips.
Introduction/overview, Nubia, Upper Egypt, Middle Egypt, Delta, Oasis, Sinai, Siwa.

$20 - Instant download, private link to 10 x clips

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