The Energy & Essence of Bellydance is a multimedia pack that explores the energy of Bellydancing through the Elements, Chakras and Music.

The online resource pack comprises of:
Part 1 - Ebook
A comprehensive 27 page ebook with full colour illustrations
Part 2 - Film clips
Elements of Egyptian Dance: Earth, Fire, Water & Air
Part 3 - Audio MP3s
of Arabic Instrument recordings

All are available as an instant download pack. I find that this resource can help unlock student's creativity and self discovery through dance.

Part 1 - The Energy & Essence of Bellydance E-Book: The ebook features core music-movement relationships in Arabic dance through the lense of the elements (earth, fire, water and air) and the chakras, with their corresponding spectrum of emotions, motions, colours and moods. It looks at ways ancient traditions connect to the movement values of "bellydance" today, and how they relate to the innate power within the body's energy centres. In this ebook, you will also discover how the essence of the dance is experienced through music and resonating rhythmic effects on the body and emotions (psycho-acoustics).

What drives each chakra-energy, and how can dancers energise or rebalance these energy centres? Can costume colour choices reflect the elemental qulaities of particular dances? Links to the four elements and 12 zodiac signs within astrology are offered, for dancers who wish to use this info to create fun classes that can be individualised for students, or facilitate group activity and sharing, whilst encouraging creativity and self-discovery.

Ebook is 27 pages, supplied as a PDF file.
View table of contents here.

Part 2 - The Film Clips:

The Elements of Egyptian Dance
are four film clips I have created to represent the musiclal qualities and corresponding cultural and emotional connections to Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

The qualities of each element are shown as a visual montage of imagery, and offer dancers ideas about cultural traditions or resonnating Egyptian dance styles to explore.

The images are mainly taken from my travels and life in Egypt over the years, and the from the Sphinx Festivals - which have explored these elements thematically - earth, fire, water and air - in a cultural setting, via landscape, evening events, live dance, Egyptian music and cultural traditions.

4 x 7-10 minute film clips. Only one of these clips is public, on youtube, so you can see how the images deliver the message. You receive the other three, Fire, water and Air, when you get the pack.

View the Earth clip on YouTube here.

  Part 3 - The Audio Files:

You get a resource file of 22 Arabic instrument recording samples.Learn about Arabic instruments and how to identify the sounds with clarity and ease. You get recording samples of the following: accordian, arghool, bazooki, clarinet, dof, katem, mawal, mizmar, nay, oud, qanoon, rababa, req, saxaphone, saz, tabla, violin and vocals, plus a few duet instruments.

Also, for reference - 4 x song samples that reflect each of the Elements.
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The Energy & Essence of Bellydance by Keti Sharif
MultiMedia package contents: 27 page Ebook, Audio files and Film clips

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