An OnlineFundraising Seminar
Available from Sunday 23rd April 2017
until 31st May 2017, via GIFT Australia

The Traditional Arts of Egypt - Music, Moulids & Folkdances is a Fundraising Seminar for GIFT.

Nadia Perenzee, president of GIFT travelled to Jordan in Feb 2017 to provide Syrian refugees in Jordanian camps with food, blankets and accommodation. She will return in May-June 2017 to deliver medical supplies, food & a water pump. 

Video seminar has been created by Keti Sharif, director of Sphinx Festival,
and 100% of ticket sales go towards GIFT's suplies for refugees.

Contact Nadia on 0433 930 497 or by email. You can also contact GIFT on facebook.
Kindly note, the live event has been cancelled in lieu of this online seminar.

Nadia will give details of the GIFT bank acount and follow up with your link.
Its a month long campaign to raise funds for the next trip and supplies.
Donation to GIFT - $20 Aud - to receive your video seminar, available to download.

Watch the Short Video

Download the PDF to learn more
Download the Egyptian Seminar Event PDF to learn more!
The Traditional Arts of Egypt - Music, Moulids & Folkdances Seminar