Musical Heart of Egypt Conferences in Cairo for 2020! 

Dancers and Musicians are Welcome to join this lively educational conference!

New Morning Yoga and Daily Percussion Classes with Rhythm Ensemble! Plus afternoon/evening workshops with full music ensemble.

Join us for a unique cultural immersion into authentic Egyptian musical artistry, in the heart of Cairo. This unique event is hosted by Keti Sharif (co-ordinator Sphinx Festivals) and features over 35 musicians. Suitable for all levels, the spectrum of live music & dance sessions are designed to deepen your dance experience as you work directly with musicians and learn about Egyptian musicality. Suitable for both musicians and dancers.

Musical Heart of Egypt Conference Dates:
April 1-5, 2020 & Nov 11-15, 2020

5 Day Dance & Music Conference with Live Egyptian Music

100% Live Egyptian Music for dancers & musicians! Plus NEW daily Yoga and Percussion classes.

Improvise and work creatively with musicians, as you develop skills and enhance your sense of musicality, lyricism and rhythm. Every day starts with a yoga session and Percussion class.
(Photo of Emiliy dancing at event)

Special Guests joining us!

Nesrin Bahaa

Principle dancer of the famed modern day Reda Troupe shows us some great Saiidi style steps.

Vanessa Raqs

Popular and dynamic Cairo performance artist shares great tips for dancing to live percussion.

Hamdy El Hakim

Talented singer gives us a taste of the true baladi style and also treats us to Abdel Halim classics.


Om Kolthoum songs come to life with this talented singer renowned for her striking voice,

Farida Fahmy

Legendary Principle dancer of the famed Original Reda Troupe gives a seminar on Egyptian Aesthetics.

Keti Sharif

Creator of A-Z Bellydance with live Egyptian Music, Keti teaches rhythmic warm ups daily.

Classical Egyptian Music

Enjoy the classics with rich orchestral sound, learn more about Maqamat and styles.

Traditional Saiidi & Percussion

Enjoy the earthy and jubilant musical traditions of Upper Egypt, with live Saiidi music.

Sam - Percussion

Australian-based DJ and world music percussionist, leads drumming classes with local experts, by bridging and breaking down rhythms and techniques.  

Morning Yin Yoga

Let the body find alignment and reset fascia through breath and gentle postures. Suitable for all ages, promotes deep relaxation.

Baladi Ensemble

Rich Egyptian baladi musical ensemble with singing and dance. The earthy, local musical styles of Egypt.   

Egyptian Percussionists

Enjoy the earthy rhythms of Egypt with our daily percussion classes. Suitable for both musicians and dancers.

Itinerary and Schedule of Classes

Music Program - Cairo: Saiidi, Baladi, Classical and NEW daily Percussion classes!


Day 1

Dancing to live Percussion with Egyptian Drum Ensemble


Day 2
Baladi Songs

Abdel Halim and Baladi Music
Baladi Progression and Taqsim


Day 3

Traditional Saiidi Sounds of Mizmar & Rababa plus Nesrin


Day 4

Seminar by legendary artist, Farida Fahmy on Egyptian dance aesthetics and improvisation, followed by Classical songs featuring Om Kolthoum medleys by Nora. 


Day 5
Raqs Sharqi & Gala Party

Fun modern class with Vanessa, then Dance the night away! Performances by participants to live band welcome. Buffest dinner and guest performances!


Conference cost: $750 USD

Conference includes workshops (4 hours per day for 5 days/ total 20 hours) plus Gala Event with buffet dinner.

Accom not included - see below. All events take place at the hotel for your convenience.

Conference venue - details TBA soon.

Accommodation Offer for Our Participants

Accommodation Special

TBA soon

Book online, its just $750 USD. Hurry, limited places!

This exclusive event is limited to just 40 participants per Conference - choose from April 1-5 or Nov 11-15 2020! 

Book with a $350 USD deposit, and pay the balance week of event or on the first day of the event in Cairo. Click the buttons to book with your deposit to reserve your place now!

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