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Keti's Research & Resource Packs
& Videos (Multi-Media) - Digital Downloads

NEW Musicality
for Bellydancers
Info-rich 50 page ebook,
4 x video seminar film clips
Ebook, 4x videos

Teaching Bellydance Creating Curriculum
Ebook for teachers, learn how to create methodology/plan
42 page ebook $20

The Energy & Essence
of Bellydance Pack
Multi-media pack informative ebook & music samples
4 x films, audio, ebook $18
Artist's Web Course
Passion, Vision, Products
6 part on line course: ebook project manual, seminar clips
Course ebook, 6 x clips

NEW Dance the Elements
Keti's 2016 Elements instructpr course materials; Study Manual, Egyptian Music, class posters, audio files (A-Z recommended)
Full Training Pack $180


NEW AstroBelly for Teachers Course Pack
Course with AstroBelly dvd clips, new videos, ebook and pdfs for teaching AstroBelly
7 x videos, ebook, pdfs $90
Just $10 in January!
Yoga for Bellydance

25 Min flowing yoga for conditioning for bellydance,
with Yogini master Pareesa
Downloadable Video clip $20
January Special $10

Egyptian Ethnic Costume
Shahira Mehrez talks about regional costumes with a live display & 2 hour seminar
10 x video seminar clips $20
AstroBelly Classical Veil
Keti's 2015 Workshop with choreo notes and clips for earth, water, fire and air
5 x video clips + notes $20
Farida - Documentary
Farida Fahmy on Reda troupe history, with interviews with herself & Mahmoud Reda.
1 x dvd (1.5 hours) $20

Keti's Music CD Downloads - MP3 Format - all $8 each

Egyptian Bellydance Music
NEW Egyptian Heart CD
Live recordings from Cairo
for classical bellydance
1 x CD download $8
Egyptian Baladi
OmKothsoum & Adewaya
baladi medleys by Gebali
1 x CD download $8

Magic of the Orient
Classical Egyptian by Gebali
Rich orchestrals
1 x CD download $8

Saiidi CD
Keti Sharif's field recordings
Saiidi Rhythms from Egypt
1 x CD download $8
Keti Sharif's tabla and rhythm recordings old and new, Egypt
1 x CD download $8
Contemporary & World Fusion Bellydance Music
NEW Salacia CD
Keti Sharif's contemporary music for tribal and fusion
1 x CD download $8

Mesmerizing Moods
Keti's modern compilation
1 x CD download $8

Cleopatra's Party Mix
Keti's modern party tracks
1 x CD download $8

Music dedicated to dancers
1 x CD download $8
Desert Tapestry
World bellydance fusion
1 x CD download $8

Chillout, Cairo Electronica, Language
Music for birth & bellydance
1 x CD download $8

Dance Flow
Music for yoga & bellydance
1 x CD download $8

Electronica by Omar Kamel
1 x CD download $8

Electronica by Omar Kamel
1 x CD download $8

250 Egyptian Words
Colloquial words with Keti
CD download + E-book $8

by Farida Fahmy - Digital Downloads

Farida Fahmy Thesis
Farida Fahmy
Farida's UCLA Thesis on the Reda Troupe, English Version
96 page E-book $15

Farida Fahmy Transcripts
Transcripts of 2011 wkshops Egyptian Dance Aesthetics
33 page ebook $12
Farida's Vintage Costumes
80 of farida's hand-drawn costume designs, vintage, tribal, exotic, 20's and more
1 x E-book $18

Muwashahat Dresses
Elegant dress drawings - Farida's own hand-drawn Muwashahat designs
1 x E-book $10

Muwashahat Pantaloons
Elegant costumes - Farida's hand-drawn Muwashahat pantaloon designs
1 x E-book $10

  More languages here          
Fallahat Designs
Farida's hand-drawn designs for stage Fellahin dance
1 x E-book $10

Al Haggalah Designs
Haggalah designs to accentuate hip oscillations
1 x E-book $10

Milayah Designs
Feminine dress designs for dancing with the Milayah
1 x E-book $10

Nubian Designs
Nubian dresses - traditional front flare & jewellery
1 x E-book $10

Sayidi Designs
Sayidi dress designs for Raks El Assaya and Sayidi style
1 x E-book $10

SPECIAL! Farida's Folk Costumes - The Complete ebook Series of all 7 Design Books
Get all 7 Ebooks at a discounted price - Fellahin, Hagallah, Nubian, Milayah, Sayidi, Muwasha pantaloons & dress
Huge discount - 7 x E-books $70 $50


by Keti Sharif

Three Baladi Personae
Keti Sharif
Egyptian baladi personae in dance, film and theatre
12 page E-book $8

Bellydance and Yoga
for Pregnancy
Keti Sharif, prenatal & antenatal guide for teachers
12 page Ebook $6

Bellydance Terminologies
Keti Sharif
Cultural references for styles, genres, music - illustrated.
15 page E-book $4

Bellydance Business
Keti Sharif
Business guide for bellydance sucess, hobby or career
25 page E-book $8

Make a bellydance DVD
or promotion clip
Keti Sharif
Guide to basic production
25 page E-book $8

Arabic Script Secrets
(A-Z Bellydance)
Keti Sharif
Form, patterning, structure

20 page E-book $8

Arabian Design Ideas
Keti Sharif
Budget home and studio styling for Arabian themes
15 page E-book $4