Dear Bellydancers,

* Do you have an idea for an online class, workshop or course?
* Would you like to share knowledge in a certain field via seminar?
* Or would you like to create an online ebook for fellow dancers?

If you would like to learn how to Create Your Digital Dance Product
join me, Keti Sharif, for a 6 week immersion into the planning and
creation of your vision... and learn how to get it online!

These days, having a digital product is one of the most powerful vehicles
for your artistic career, bringing your ideas into laser-sharp focus.
Products support your artistic vision, highlight your areas of skill,
supplement your live training and can also create ongoing income.

I've created over 200 online products in the last 20 years and
successfully sell an average of $75,000 USD of digital products annually.
I've helped dancers with minimal internet knowledge get products online.
I can show you how to create and sell your own product.

Create Your Digital Dance Product

6 Week Online Course

Starts August 4th, 2018

You Will Learn the 6 Essential Steps
of Digital Product Creation & Online Sales

Discover the 6 Essential, Practical, yet Simple Steps to get your
Ebook, Workshop, Seminar or Course produced and online –
and make it easily available to the wider global dance community.

Sessions are delivered as weekly seminars with a LIVE online forum!
Here you can discuss anything project related and ask questions.
Added FLEXIBILITY - choose to view your seminar any time that week.
Time required is 2-3 hours per week, choose a schedule that suit you.

* You will also receive your own easy-to-use project workbook.

6 Week Session Schedule:

Week 1 Aug 4 1. Draft your preliminary checklist
Week 2 Aug 11 2. Clarify product details & marketing plan
Week 3 Aug 18 3. Create your digital product
Week 4 Aug 25 4. Set up sales portals & payment methods
Week 5 Sept 1 5. Expand your market and global reach
Week 6 Sept 8 6. Product life-span and ongoing sales

All you need is a device (laptop, computer or tablet), notebook and sketchbook.

Enrol into Keti's
Create Your Digital Dance Product
6 Week Online Course 2018
Bookings Close 18th July

Cost $120 USD




$60 USD

Thank You.
A receipt and booking confirmation will be emailed immediately.

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