NEW Cottesloe Saturday lunchtime Bellydance classes with Keti (guest drumming by Sam)

Class description: Egyptian Dance - classics & drums for all levels in a beautiful spacious room, with wooden floors & large mirrors. 

Time: 12noon - 1pm (one hour)

Dates of classes - there are 5 x sessions in Oct & Nov 2021:

1. Saturday 9th October 2021 - Zay il Hawa
2. Saturday 23rd October 2021 - Hawa ya Saiidi
3. Saturday 30th October 2021 - Lessa Fakher

4. Saturday 13th November 2021 - Enta Omri
5. Saturday 20th November 2021 - Tigi Neqsim el Amar

Venue: Cottesloe Civic Centre Lesser Hall, Broome St, Cottesloe

Cost: $30 per class - Casual attendance

Keti & Sam

Guest Drumming by Sam

Enjoy Egyptian classics - great music from Egypt, enriched with Sam's live drumming. Feel the rhythm more deeply as you learn how to dance to various Egyptian & Arabic rhythms and Raqs Sharqi music. Some rhythms you'll experience:

Adani, Ayoub, Baladi, Hagallah, Malfuf, Maqsoum, Masmoudi, Libi, Rhumba, Saiidi, Sama'i, Somabati, Zorofat... and many more!

Picnic after Class! Bring your packed lunch & join us for a relaxed picnic on the lawn or by the beach 

After class, we have a relaxed social gathering for anyone who would like to stay on for an extra half hour and chat with our friendly group!