NEW Cottesloe Saturday lunchtime Bellydance classes with Keti (guest drumming by Sam)

Class description: Egyptian Dance - classics & drums for all levels in a beautiful spacious room, with wooden floors & large mirrors. 

Time: 12noon - 1pm (one hour)

Dates of classes (two weeks on, one week off):
1. Saturday 2nd October 2021
2. Saturday 9th October 2021

3. Saturday 23rd October 2021
4. Saturday 30th October 2021

5. Saturday 13th November 2021
6. Saturday 20th November 2021

7. Saturday 4th December 2021
8. Saturday 11th December 2021

Venue: Cottesloe Civic Centre Lesser Hall, Broome St, Cottesloe

Cost: $30 Casual attendance OR discounted rate of $180 for 8 classes (save $60) - this works out to $22.50 a class!

Keti & Sam

Guest Drumming by Sam

Enjoy Egyptian classics - great music from Egypt, enriched with Sam's live drumming. Feel the rhythm more deeply as you learn how to dance to various Egyptian & Arabic rhythms and Raqs Sharqi music. Some rhythms you'll experience:

Adani, Ayoub, Baladi, Hagallah, Malfuf, Maqsoum, Masmoudi, Libi, Rhumba, Saiidi, Sama'i, Somabati, Zorofat... and many more!

Picnic after Class! Bring your packed lunch & join us for a relaxed picnic on the lawn or by the beach 

After class, we have a relaxed social gathering for anyone who would like to stay on for an extra half hour and chat with our friendly group!