How to Make a Bellydance DVD

Have you ever thought about making a dynamic, professional looking video of your bellydancing performance or instruction? A great film clip or dvd is a powerful way to enhance your Bellydance profile, credibility and show your artistry and style to the world!

Keti Sharif has produced over 20 internationally sold dvds including three documentaries, and has now written a guide for dancers who want to produce a great film clip or larger project. She packs a vast amount of tips and information into this e-book, with notes on planning your project, filming and uploading or marketing your product.

Teachers, performers or event producers - if you have a bellydance-based business, you can promote your style with a unique creative film clip or DVD. See sample budgets and filming plans.

For the cost of a regular class you can purchase this excellent resource with information gathered over Keti's 20 years experience in film making, dvd production, marketing and unique concept development.
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jam-packed pages just $8!