My BELLYDANCE book explores a myriad of cultural genres, musical styles, Middle Eastern instruments, rhythms, dance artistry and costuming styles. Includes a how-to-dance technique section with step-by-step photos demonstrating core moves. I wrote the book after years of travelling through Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Morocco and Jordan, whilst researching Middle Eastern Art History at University. It is a tribute the the dancer's art - exploring historical elements
that have shaped the dance, with various cultural stylisations that have developed over time. It is a concise manual for the student, performer or teacher. The music and instruments of the Middle East precede a flowing sequence explaining core bellydance movements. Costume styles are described, with performance tips and a special section on health and pregnancy. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed researching the culture and artistry.

Keti Sharif

* First print run 10,000 copies sold out
* Second and final print run limited edition
* Winner Canadian Book Fair 'Best Book Design' Prize, 2005.

The book was distributed to bookshops and public libraries around the world.
Bellydance pictures galore! Each page contains pictures of dance costume or culture plus easy how-to-do sequences of bellydance techniques. Glossy paperback, 134 pages. Colour cover, mono colour pages. Handy travel or handbag size.


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Part 1 Dance of the East

History, Music and Instruments, Musical Interpretation, Rhythms

Part 2 The Art of Bellydance
Benefits, Basic warm up Exercises, Upper Body Isolations, Middle Body Isolations, Lower Body Isolations, Hip Accents and Shimmies, Walks and Traveling Steps

Part 3 Routines and Techniques
Choreography & Improvisation, Turns and Transitions, Simple Routines for Bellydance, Veil Work, Dancing with the Stick, Zills (Finger Cymbals)

Part 4 Cultures and Dance
Raqs Sharqi, Saiidi egyptian Stick Dance, Alexandrian Milaya dance, Lebanon, Greek Chiftetelli, Turkish Bellydance, Tribal, Gypsy & Trance Dances, Other Mid Eastern Dance Styles

Part 5 Costume and Performance
Folkloric Costume, Assyuti, Henna, Kohl and Headwear, Cabaret Costume, Performance, The Secret Door, Bellydance Glossary, Cultural terminologies