AstroBelly Training PLUS Teaching Materials in an Easy Course Pack

* Teach the Zodiac through Bellydance - with Knowledge and Insight
* Learn about Astrology - the Signs, Symbols (glyphs) and Houses
* Encourage your students explore their unique Star Qualities
* Teach your students how to 'Dance Your Chart'

Learn how to teach 12 exciting bellydance routines based on the character and symbol of each astrological sign from Aries to Pisces.

how the sequences mirror the geometric symbol of each sign, highlight the area of the body the sign rules, plus reflect the sign's characteristics. Learn how the 'elemental' groups (Air, Fire, Earth, Water) work with mood and music. Enrich your knowledge of Astrology through bellydance - and offer your students new inspirational tools for creative dance projects!

Teachers get an 8 week 'Dance the Elements' course plan. Learn the basics of a natal chart for 'Dance Your Chart' - a journey of self-discovery for your dance students.

* Educational Videos
* Routines explained * PDFs and Project Planners - 7 videos & 5 pdfs. Pack integrates most training sections of the AstroBelly DVD, plus much more! A complete teaching kit for AstroBelly and your own creative class projects for 2017!


See course contents:


Course Contents

Learning the 12 AstroBelly routines with the original AstroBelly dvd clips demonstrating all routines, plus more in this comprehensive teaching resource:

* 1 x Astrology, Art & Mythology (25 mins) Educational - to present in class

6 x VIDEOS - TEACHER TRAINING (with footage from AstroBelly dvd):
* 1 x Introduction to Teaching AstroBelly
* 4 x Individual videos to learn the Air, Fire, Water & Earth groups of routines
* 1 x Teaching projects video, plus drum and veil modifications for each sign

* Complete Updated AstroBelly booklet explaining routines, elements & astrology
* 8 Week Dance the Elements 'AstroBelly' Course Curriculum
* Dance Your Chart - project book
* Poster of Astrological Signs and Houses
* Poster Zodiac and Body Rulership

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  $90 USD

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