AstroBelly DVD
Discover the Bellydancer's Zodiac - explore your star qualities!

Learn 12 exciting theatrical bellydance routines based on the character and symbol of each astrological sign from Aries to Pisces. Discover the movements that utilize the geometric symbol of each sign, highlight the area of the body the sign rules, plus gesture that reflects the character. Learn how the 'element' groups (air, fire, earth, water) can be used for mood and music. Enrich your knowledge of Astrolgy through bellydance!

In addition to 12 great zodiac routines, you'll also learn 4 modern AstroBelly choreographies to reflect the qualities of each element:

1. Classical Oriental (Water) - Sensual (Track 1, MoonRise cd)
2. Saiidi (Fire) - Zesty stick dance (Track 8, SunDance cd)
3. Veil (Air) - Lively Indi-fusion Veil (Track 4, SunDance cd)
4. Drum Solo (Earth) - Shimmy accents (Track 11, MoonRise cd)

* DVD includes booklet explaining routines & dances.
* Atmospheric landscapes and dance clips, of the Red Sea & Sinai Desert, filmed in Egypt.

* MoonRise & SunDance music CDs feature in the choreographies


AstroBelly DVD - posted to you
Hard Copy DVD + PDF Booklet $30 plus $5 p/h

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(Training clips, student videos, course plans, routines ebook)
Downloadable online package $90

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