Is your arts business delivering a clear and powerful message, and working for you?
The Artist's Web - based on the Tree of Life

The Artist's Web is an online, downloadable resource that can help you energise your arts business - from concept to web presence.
It offers insights into the interwoven aspects of your creative self. Bellydancers are an amazing group of people! They often have multiple resources, talents and an understanding of people, and are capable of creating incredible business and financial abundance from sharing their art. I beleive that within each of us is at least one powerful idea that can offer joy, education, growth, enjoyment, celebration or transformation for others. Your business can be spiritually satisfying and provide fabulous tangible results for you and your community. The Artist's Web premise is turning 'spirit into matter' - or 'vision to reality'.

Its all about tapping into your Highest Artistic Vision. The groundwork is about self-knowledge, its the essential place to start. We work from the ground up, and ultimately to the creation of your unique products, concept or project - and how you deliver it online and gather your community. We look at web design, integrity and portals for monetization of your concept.

The Artist's Web Course helps you align with your Highest Artistic Vision

Your Artistry is your kingdom of riches!
Your Artist's Web is based on the principles of the Tree of Life, and is inter-linked with your Highest Artistic Vision and Purpose. This e-course will help you define your vision and allow it to imbue your creative work, and your entire life. It will give you a sense of clarity, balance and joy. By confidently taking your business online, empowered by your highest artistic vision, your art can serve others and create wonderful profit and reward, for you and your extended community.

Grow your Creative Artistry with Vision and Purpose.

Build your web space in alignment with your Highest Vision.

Nourish creativity, boost your business and expand your community.

Envision your creative business as a beautiful tree, growing from a foundation of strong roots and ideals, nourished by fertile soil. Branches symbolise your aligned projects reaching skyward, with leaves representing community and natural cycles of change. Fruits are the symbol of abundance – to be shared and enjoyed.

Artists of all genres can become ‘practical visionaries’
, celebrating life through art and ultimately, enjoying abundance and enriching the lives of others. The secret in the modern ‘cyber-connected’ world is balancing your creativity with a refined online presence, real-life connection and ongoing business via the internet. I'll help you map out a system to expand your ideas and refine your concepts for any field that is fueled by creativity.

Your Highest Artistic Vision gives you a sense of Ease and Pleasure

Your Highest Artistic Vision always brings ease, joy and abundance.
Arts projects that work are the result of understanding what concepts or products serve others and have a clear message and strong, perpetual energy. Yet the refinement of these project's "true North" relies on sensitivity and intuition as your compass.

Many dancers have several special interests, and these can often create something even more powerful than bellydance alone. Passion, skills and knowledge are the key - harness these qualities and you can create awesome products, events, seminars, ebooks, dvds, run specialised classes, workshops or hybrid art forms. I deliver the seminars and provide a working manual for you to follow. Its a fun course about creativity, integrity and artistic actualisation.


Time - 7:35 minutes.
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Preview: A FREE introductory clip for you to view

Session 1: The Artist's Web and the Tree of Life

This first session is free on YouTube. I present the initial concept of the Tree of Life as a metaphor for the growth of the Artist's Web and your Highest Artistic Vision. You can energise all areas of your life and creativity through understanding how your Highest Artistic Vision imbues all areas. There is a wholistic balance principle at work, that can use the Tree of Life as a model, that affects one's life and creativity.
  Buy your e-course here! The Artist's Web Course can be taken at any time - at your own pace.  

The Artist's Web Course is presented through a series of six seminars and a project e-book. Easy to understand, you can work through at your own pace.

Enjoy fun projects to reveal your Highest Artistic Vision and create a project plan. Create your website and cyber message with with purpose and love.

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Artist's Web Course

Cost: $30

You'll Receive Six Seminar clips online:

1. The Tree of Life - a symbol of life and creativity
2. Tapping into Body Wisdom for your truth
3. Balancing your life and creativity, project planning
4. Powerful portals for creativity in the cyber world
5. Building a website intuitively, with artistic vision
6. Extending your networks in the wider community

Plus a 30 page Artist's Web project e-book

Can be applied to a variety of creative fields including dance, music, design, health, fitness, writing, jewelry, cuisine, photography, philosophy, coaching, healing, teaching, media and more.

We recommend a timeframe of 6 weeks to work through the course at leisure. Course presented by Keti Sharif.
What others are saying about the Artist's Web course

"Hi Keti, thanks again for the great series. I can't tell you how helpful it has been, with a creative focus for people like me!"
Raechelle Bidesi, Perth, business owner of Eco Pilates and Yoga

"The information you gave about empowerment through body language, eye contact, chakras and communication was really useful. You offered essential guidelines for marketing and healthy, creative business practice including some great processes to focus on your highest artistic vision to achieve success. I have actually implemented some of the 'increasing your sales' techniques and they have worked!"
Angela McWhinney, Melbourne, Pilates Course Assessor and Bellydance Instructor

"The excercises for understanding when to use our two essential 'channels' - assertiveness or receptivity, was wonderful. This should be taught in schools, it saves us making reactive 'mistakes' and keeps us on course in life and business with powerful, intuitive decisions."
Riane Martin, Melbourne, Art Gallery Management