Arabic Script Secrets of A-Z Bellydance E-Book

Arabic Calligraphy is a dance of harmony and proportion, and Arabic script - like the language and rhythms of the Middle East - flows and is punctuated rhythmically, with nokte. There are powerful mathematic and rhythmic elements, ancient symbol and imagery within the Arabic glyphs. They embody structural strength and flowing freedom that the observer can see, the musician can hear and forms that can create a rich kinesthetic experience when the dancer embodies its flow.

In Islamic, Sufi, and also Coptic scripts, the script portrays concepts of divinity. The Arabic Abjad has a rich history, with roots that can be traced back to Egyptian hieroglyphics. Traditional Arabic Calligraphy schools base their teachings on three writing systems: Nizam Al-Dairah, Nizam Al-Nuqat and Nizam Al-Tashabuh. There are also many specific styles of using Arabic script historically, each imbued with unique artistry. This e-book highlights the main styles, with illustrations.

A-Z Bellydance was inspired by the form and flow of the Arabic
abjad, and in this e-book, Keti explains how; a journey that began when she was studying Islamic Art History as part of her University degree, at the same time that her bellydance career was evolving. Even dancers who are not familiar with A-Z Bellydance will learn about Arabic script and its fascinating elements, through this ebook.

Keti Sharif
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