Arabian Design - Creative Decorating ideas for your home, studio or dance space

Bellydance aesthetics inspire stunning decorating ideas, and many dancers enjoy creating space for beauty and celebration, imbued with their passion for dance and Arabian allure. Over the years, Keti has designed many studios, events spaces and living spaces with an exotic Arabian theme - both in Egypt and abroad.

Lush decor reflecting the mystique of Arabian culture, ranges from themes inspired by golden desert sands and billowing curtains and velvet cushions, to bedouin traditions to retro Cairo shabby-chic and more. Often, moving into a new space, that is in need of decorating with a great theme,requires the ability and know-how to work with a fairly tight budget. Learn many money saving tips, that give you the same effect as spending up big at the souk or designer boutiques in Cairo, Istanbul or Marakesh!

In this e-book, Keti offers her best tips to create atmospheric opulence, and stunning Arabian design to beautify your space. From creating trinkets and Arabian wall hangings, to decorating entire rooms - this guide will save you money and also help you get a spectacular result.

You can create a mood-inspiring space that you and your friends, or students, can enjoy and feel uplifted in, as they are transported to a place of richness, fantasy and decadence.

Keti Sharif
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