I am currently taking Jan-Sep 2017 off dancing as I return to study more dance and somatics courses and trainings, and refresh and refilm the new A-Z Mehodology in Cairo. I look forward to the release of the new dvds and courses in Sep 2017, please join my newsletter to be informed.  

A-Z Bellydance - Keti Sharif

Hello, I'm Keti. Welcome to A-Z Bellydance! My cultural reserach and courses explore and connect Arabic dance, musicality and 'Essence and Energy'. They provide dancers with a deeper awareness of the cultural, musical and elemental energies that imbue the dance experience. I enjoy finding the links between music, movement and emotion and translating it in a cultural context, that honours and respects the heart of these cultures. I am currently researching Arabic Dance Music and Movement Relationships; Indigenous, Cultural, Social and Theatrical.

My passion for bellydance began when I was 17, and gave me the opportunity to travel extensively, perform and teach around the world, and choreograph for Egyptian troupes on contract overseas. Living in Egypt for 15 years, I directed the Sphinx Festival, hosted cultural arts tours, and continue to film and archive stories of artists today, including the work of Mahmoud Reda and Farida Fahmy. Being able to integrate my dance and cultural reseach with my Uni degree reaseach in Fine Arts, allowed me to study Islamic art and history - to deepen my appreciation of the cultures of the Middle East.

As a performance artist for many years, mainly dancing to live Arabic music in Australia, Asia and Egypt - my fondness for the live musical experience endures. Musicality is a particular area of interest, and I've created documentaries and filmed courses on Egyptian music recently.

  Some of my projects and research:

A-Z Bellydance movement methodology and courses.
Bellydance book published by Allen and Unwin, first print run 10,000 with second edition.
WAMED Festival Perth, Western Australia annual bellydance event founded in 2000.
SPHINX Festival Egypt, cultural arts, music and dance event - educational.
Pulse8 Elements bellydance programs based on the elements and musicality
AstroBelly created in Egypt, inspired by Egyptian Astrology, bellydance the zodiac.
Artist's Web course creative development to web based business.
Farida Fahmy website and documentary - cultural resource for dancers worldwide.

The A-Z methodology is now being taught in 40 countries, and is constantly evolving through the creativity and input from so many dance teachers. Its a community effort, and I'm very grateful to the people who keep it growing and keep sharing it with others.

I can be contacted at office@ketisharif.com