A Love of Dance & Culture

Born into a family of musicians, I've danced since childhood. Ethnic Rom events organised by my Father sparked my curiosity about bellydancing as a child, inspiring me to learn the art at 17. In my early twenties, I travelled to research Islamic Art History for my degree, journeying to Morocco, Greece, Jordan and resided in southern Turkey, enriching my love of dance and culture. I began teaching and performing in many countries, with seasonal contracts with Arabic music ensembles at the Hilton in Cairo, and Genting, Malaysia.

In year 2000, I relocated to Egypt and A-Z Bellydance was created. My research culminated in a book published by Allen & Unwin in 2004, selling the entire first print run of 15,000 books worldwide in a year. In Egypt, I hosted tours and documented the work of artists including Farida Fahmy, Mahmoud Reda and Dr. Shahira Mehrez. After my daughter was born I ceased performing, but continued teaching and producing cultural resources. Along with motherhood, the things I enjoy most are travel, dance and culture.

Exploring Connectivity

My work explores the connectivity of dance, music, sacred geometry and somatic expression. A-Z Bellydance and AstroBelly integrate these aspects with the elements, to deepen the intention and experience of dance. My fitness instructor and yoga teacher training supports this wholistic approach, for safe and natural bellydance, particularly the gravity-rich Egyptian styles. My projects connect multiple artforms to dance and music, to balance body and mind.

My current projects include updating A-Z Bellydance for release in Jan 2019, archiving Farida Fahmy's work, and writing a monthly blog. Occassionally I host dance retreats or live music events. I'm currently researching the History and Artistic Development of the Reda Troupe, referencing Farida's collection of decades of Arabic articles. I feel very connected to the Egyptian arts, and our lovely dance community around the world.

Keti dancing Cairo 2001

A-Z Bellydance Fitness 2006

Farida documentary 2011

Somatics for Bellydance 2018

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