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Thank you for visiting the A-Z Bellydance website. I'm Keti - a dancer and producer of cultural films, events and resources. For many years I lived in Egypt, where I organised Sphinx Festivals and documented the work of many talented artists, including Farida Fahmy, Mahmoud Reda and Dr. Shahira Mehrez. The vanishing traditional arts of Egypt, from dance to costume, music, moulids, and textiles, are my particular area of interest, and I currently am working on a production that explores these traditional arts.

For years I have been exploring the powerful energy of dance, and connecting the various dynamic aspects of musicality and musical resonance, sacred geometry and somatic expression - through practical research, teaching and studying around the world. The spectrum is vast, but beautifully interconnected. A-Z Bellydance, AstroBelly and the Flower of Life, all integrate aspects of sacred geometry and the elements.

Dancing since childhood, my family were organisers of ethnic dance and music events, particularly Roma events including Esma, the 'Queen of the Gypsies', which inspired me greatly. I began bellydancing at 17, and this interest led me to travel to Egypt in my early twenties, researching Islamic Art History for my Fine Arts degree. I journeyed to Morocco, Greece, Jordan and even lived in southern Turkey, near the Syrian border for a time. I continued to return to Egypt to study and dance, and in the year 2000, A-Z bellydance was created.

I performed in many countries including Egypt from a young age, opting for live music when possible, and hosted tours and festivals in Egypt and Australia. My early years of research culminated in a book published by Allen and Unwin. In my mid 30's I moved to Egypt and lived there for the next 15 years, gradually phasing out performing in lieu of
researching complimentary traditional arts and healing modalities, to support the evolution of my projects, exploring new courses including yoga teacher training, reflexology and musical studies, particularly the field of psycho-acoustics.

As a former fitness instructor, with a background in group fitness and perinatal exercise, I prefer to work with safe and natural movement, particularly the gravity-rich Egyptian dance styles, and integrate connected energetic arts to balance body and mind.

Projects & Research

* A-Z Bellydance & Study Courses

* Bellydance Book (Allen & Unwin)

* Founder WAMED Festival, Australia

* Director SPHINX Festival, Egypt

* AstroBelly - Dance the Zodiac

* Worldwide Music-Movement Survey

* Musicality for Dancers Course

* Dance the Elements Program

* Flower of Life Wellness Program

* Artist's Web Creativity Course

* Farida Fahmy Website & Articles

* Farida Fahmy Documentary Film

* Live Music Events in Cairo, Egypt

* Cultural Films at sphinxfestival.com


The A-Z Bellydance movement methodology for students and teachers was developed and enriched over the span of 20 years, with inspiration from Egyptian dance pioneers, talented musicians, and research of the cultural and artistic traditions of Egypt. A-Z is a multi-level experience with methodology inspired by the Egyptian concept of 'aesthetics within a framework' and natural music-movement resonance. It was largely inspired by two of my main mentors, Farida Fahmy - for her teachings on aesthetics and movement quality, and Mahmoud Reda - for his creative application of structure, and his ability to take indigenous dances and adapt them for stage, whilst maintaining their intrinsic qualities and cultural integrity. Over the years, countless dance colleagues have inspired me, and many have been instrumental in developing new directions for A-Z Bellydance.

It is my pleasure to share the NEW updated A-Z Bellydance with dvds and study courses filmed in Cairo, from December 2017. Until then, the older format dvds are available until sold out.

Recent Musicality event in Cairo, Oct 2016


Keti dancing Cairo 2001

Farida documentray 2011

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