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Complete One Year Training Course Jan-Nov 2019

A-Z Bellydance Teacher Training Jan-Nov 2019

Announcing the Official Complete A-Z Bellydance Teacher Training Course in the brand NEW methodology. Join Keti for a fully guided ONE YEAR online study course, featuring Keti's 5 NEW courses as a series, to build your teaching skills and support your dance development using the new, updated methodology. Learn how to use Somatics, secure movement basics, and teach musicality, improvisation and choreography through the structural matrices of the NEW A-Z Original and Advanced sequences. Complete course is discounted for the full year's training. 


Course Dates

Course Duration: One Year
Dates: Jan-Nov 2019
Break: Jun 2019
End date: Nov 25 2019.


Course Inclusions

Fortnightly Seminars, Master Classes
26 Modules, ALL 5 x Course Materials
Digital platform view & download.
Communications hub for support.


Course Cost

Time investment: 3-4 hours per week
Value $2030 USD, COST $1320 USD
EARLYBIRD $1200 by Nov 8 2018


The One Year A-Z Teacher Training in 2019 provides progressive fortnightly sessions with Keti to learn the updated format step-by-step. It covers all 5 x new A-Z courses from Somatics to Core Moves, to the full A-Z Original & Advanced and Teacher Training, for improv, choreography, musicality & wellbeing.

Alternatively, if you prefer self-paced study courses, the individual courses are available on Teachable at any time.

A-Z Complete Teacher Training One Year Course
Begins week of Jan 7th 2019

  1. Jan 2019 Somatics for Bellydance (2 Modules)  
    Learn how somatics helps to create movement pathways that are sensed fully, experienced internally and expressed easily.
  2. Feb 2019 Core Essentials: 120 Bellydance Moves  (3 Modules)
    Memorize core individual moves which secure your student's internal movement vocabulary and prepare for learning A-Z sequences. Slow, fast and travelling moves.
  3. Mar-Apr 2019  NEW A-Z Original Personal Techniques (6 Modules) 
    Learn the 26 x Original routines in 5 x sets, dance to 5 x famous Egyptian classics recorded live in Cairo, plus an 8 minute drill (26 x sequences, 100 moves) to hone technique. Video submission and multiple choice test.
  4. May 2019 Master Class A-Z Original  (1 Module) 
    Consolidation and assessment - practical learning.
  5. Jun 2019 Month off
    Rest phase. Improvisation only.
  6. Jul-Aug 2019 NEW A-Z Advanced Personal Techniques  (6 Modules) 
    Learn 26 x routines in 5 x sets, dance to 5 x famous Egyptian classics, plus develop your stage skills and theatrical styling. Video submission and multiple choice test. 
  7. Sep 2019 Master Class A-Z Advanced (1 Module) 
    Consolidation and assessment - practical learning.
  8. Sep-Nov 2019 NEW A-Z Teacher Training (6 Modules) 
    Learn to combine and adapt Orig & Adv methodologies, discover LMA movement analysis for teaching, learn the art of "reading bodies" on three levels (mind/body/emotion), create curriculum for students, track progress and conduct student assessment. Teaching project delivery.
  9. Nov 2019 Final Master Class for Teachers (1 Module) 
    Craft the perfect curriculum that utilizes your teaching talents and areas of specialty.
  10. Nov 2019 Course Completion. Certification and website page on successful completion.

    Course graduates will be articulate in Somatics, movement analysis, and will confidently apply it to teaching A-Z Bellydance. They will clearly demonstrate 52 x A-Z Routines and 12 x Dances from the courses, and be able to memorize, articulate and teach the Routines and Methodology. Successful graduates may also be able to teach the official OPT and APT courses in the future.

    One Year A-Z Teacher Training Course includes the following NEW Online Materials:
    1. Somatics for Bellydance Course (complimentary)
    2. 120 Core Bellydance Moves
    3. A-Z Original digital dvd 
    4. A-Z Original Personal Techniques Course
    5. A-Z Advanced digital dvd
    6. A-Z Advanced Personal Techniques Course 
    7. A-Z Teacher Training New Combined Format
    (total value of course materials $1320 - with 26 hours of study materials)

    Plus interactive sessions:

    * 26 x Fortnightly Teacher Training group seminars and Q&A session with Keti 
    * 3 x Master Classes for Consolidation
    * Group forum open all year 
    * Assessment at each stage
    (total value of interactive sessions $710)

    Regular total cost of all new materials and tuition is normally $2030 USD. 
    Discounted One Year A-Z Teacher Training Course Cost: $1320 USD
    Savings of $710 - and with more guidance and inspiration than doing it on your own!

    Fortnightly seminar delivery dates:
    Jan 7, 14, Feb 4, 18, Mar 4, 18, Apr 1, 15, 29, May 13, 27, (June month off), Jul 1, 8, 22, Aug 5, 19, Sep 2, 16, 30, Oct 14, 28, Nov 11, 25


This exclusive ONE YEAR training is only being conducted in 2019 to launch the new methodology.
Value - $2030. 
Cost is $1320 USD.
We commence Jan 2019.
*** EARLYBIRD BOOKING $1200 USD BY NOV 30 2018 ***

3 Part Payment Plan Available

For full price course participants only:
$1320 plus a $60 admin fee TOTAL $1380 USD

First payment $460 Dec 1 2018
Second Payment $460 Feb 1 2019
Third Payment $460 Apr 1 2019

Please make a personal enquiry of you would be interested in this option.

Questions you may ask about the A-Z One Year Course

Do I need to know the A-Z?

No. Sure it helps, but you can come in without having done the A-Z before. A minimum of 2 years bellydance experience is required for training at this level. Even if you have previously undertaken A-Z, the methodology is updated with so much more content in the new format. Discounts apply for old-format A-Z course graduates.

Do I need to buy any materials?

No need to buy anything more, the NEW course materials are all included in the training package. You will have your own study space on A-Z Bellydance School's Teachable platform, with access to our live group forum. You can access course content any time, from any device. You can also download your course materials.

How much study is required?

Allow 3-4 Hours a week. Keti's guided group classes are delivered fortnightly, each module to be completed in a 2 week timeframe, choose your own study time. On average study lessons require 1 hour (video, audio, ebooks) plus 2-3 hours dance practice a week. That's about 25% theory, 75% practice!

Which study modes are used?

Studies include three modes; theory, practice & engagement. Methodology is learnt with theory, routines become choreos and improv skills are practiced. You will create your own choreos (solo/troupe) in Teacher Training. You additionally receive teaching sheets and an excellent range of professional teaching materials.

*Note voucher codes apply for previous OPT and APT graduates and old format Teachers, contact Keti for details.