envision /verb:
to conceive of as a possibility, foresee

Join Keti Sharif's A-Z Bellydance 'ENVISION' Retreat at the Mauna Lea Manor.
Explore creative new directions in dance, wellbeing & artistry - your way.
Participants stay at the retreat accommodation at Mauna Lea Manor in Kona.
View or download the full Retreat Schedule in Hawaii, April 14-18, 2018

Envision offers four days of fun workshop - new directions and an exploration of your personal style.
Learn the new A-Z Bellydance with a focus on Somatics and the Elements, blended with AstroBelly.
The focus is on bellydance, wellbeing, creativity and how to integrate A-Z Bellydance.
We will be staying at the beautiful Mauna Lea Manor, in the element-themed cottages for Envision.
Mauna Lea Manor is located on Hualalai Mountain just 15 minutes from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Enjoy 10 specialised workshops at the retreat - giving you 20 hours of workshop training with Keti Sharif. Participants can perform at the 'Envision' Soiree - share your inspiration and creativity!

*Hawaii locals - we have a few workshops you can join!!

How to Book Your Place

Step 1: Download the A-Z Retreat in Hawaii 2018 PDF
Please read thoroughly before booking.

Step 2: Book Your Place - 4 Days of Intensive Training is $600. Training includes 20 hours of workshops plus lunch daily for full-time participants.

Accommodation is extra 5 nights for just $300.
Live in accom is at Mauna Lea with breakfast 5 nights April 14-18. Guests will be sleeping in cottages, single beds in four cottages.

We also have some open classes for locals.

Q's? Email office@ketisharif.com


Envision Retreat full package
Training & Accommodation
14-18 April 2018
Contact Keti to book

*Hawaii locals - can book into these workshops @
Mauna Lea Manor, Heaven Dance Studio

Address: 75-5259 Mamalahoa Hwy #E Holualoa HI 96725


Sunday 15 April
A-E 'Seeds' Elements & Bellydance $50

Sunday 15 April
F-J Earthy Egyptian
Folkloric Styles $50

Sunday 15 April
K-O Sensual Taqsim, Somatics & Flow $50

Tuesday 17 April
Advanced A-Z Explore
the Four Elements $50

Receipts are downloaded immediatly upon booking!
Thank you, I will be in touch shortly,
Keti Sharif

In the meantime join the event group to connect with others!

Participants who are already booked, and wish to pay their balance of $300
before arrival, you can make that last payment here:

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