Retreat includes:
6 x A-Z bellydance Classes
Sundowner, BBQ & Soiree
Shared retreat accomm and Meals
OPT course pack & FREE assessment

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Three Day Retreat Margaret River, WA, April 9-11, 2016
with A-Z Original Personal Techniques Course and Training

For the first time in 15 years, I'm conducting a new A-Z Original Personal Techniques (OPT) Training course in Australia - with a special focus on the Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air). The three day retreat is held in Margaret River, Western Australia, April 9-11, 2016, in beautiful live-in accommodation with a studio.

New participants are welcome, and graduates can refresh their dancing with updated material. Its an ideal foundation for dancers attending Pulse8 Elements Instructor Training in July (Pth, Syd, Mel). This is an opportunity to study or refresh OPT, which has been continuously developed by dancers around the world. It has been reworked into various forms of bellydance Fusion, Folkloric theatre styles and Contemporary modes by our teachers, who have had the freedom to explore new creative projects.

Over the years, living in Egypt, I have brought new music-movement research, Egyptian dance semiotics and cultural studies to A-Z. My main area of interest is how it relates to the Elements - and this is the focus of the new OPT training at the retreat. You'll learn to embody the movement values and principles of the elements, and how to dance the A-Z routines, modify the routines and dissolve the routines, as improv within your dance.

Some ladies may wish to strengthen and revise their course even if they have already undertaken it in the past. The work has been developed internationally and in Egypt with live music, over 15 years, since it was originally taught in WA.

Participant numbers are limited to 12. The fee for the three days of workshops including all dance study materials (OPT course dvd, cd, study manual), classes, meals, evening events and shared dorm style accommodation at the retreat is $540 AUD. Previous participants, who have the OPT courses, its just $370.

Enjoy an Arabian soiree, gourmet meals, and bellydance training in a stunning natural bushland retreat. A $200 deposit secures your place.

If you have any questions, please contact Keti.

  We will be looking at how the five sets focus on the following elements:

A-E (masculine/feminine and contrast, Focus on each element with initial routines: A earth, B water, C fire, D air, E combined)

F-J (earth - connected, grounded, folkloric genres)

K-O (water - flowing, seamless, taqsim/improv)

P-T (fire - expressive, outreaching, stage presence)

U-Z (air - elevated, nimble and contrast, choreography)

We will also explore the three main factors that shape the overall feel of your dance:

1. Movement value (intention, weight transfer, direction, energy, shape, effort)

2. Personal response, receptivity and lyrical expression (internal story manifests externally)

3. Styling (cultural, genre-based, or creative).

You can join the group event page on facebook here:

    OPT Certification Course
At the retreat, you will get your OPT course pack - DVD, CD and study manual. If you already have the OPT course pack, you get a discount.

OPT is required for Pulse8 Elements Instructor Training Jun/Jul 2016

Bellydance Class #1 A-E Dance the Elements – Water, Earth, Fire & Air
Bellydance Class #2: F-J (Element of Earth & Folkloric genres)
Bellydance Class #3: K-O (Element of Water, taqsim/improvisation)
Bellydance Class #4: P-T (Element of Fire, Stage Presentation)
Bellydance Class #5: Recap of all routines A-E, F-J, K-O, P-T
Bellydance Class #6: U-Z (Element of Air, Masc/Fem, Harmony and Contrast

    The previous retreat 'AstroBelly and the Elements', was held in Dec 2015 in Margaret River. Here is some feedback from participants.

"Engulfing myself in the movement of dance....loved it all and without any reservation would reccommend it." Jeannette

"I couldn't get the smile off my face for days after. Soooo glad I went. Gorgeous women, beautiful accom in the bush, and Keti really knows her stuff. I had to go right outside my comfort zone with the dancing (improv) and I felt so good after." Lyn

"I often think of the amazing weekend of the AstroBelly retreat." Hilary

"I learnt so much about astrology and exploring and pushing my own boundaries with dance amongst such a supportive and inspirational group of women. I would highly recommend." Jen
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  Retreat 9,10,11 April 2016 including OPT Course pack $540.
Retreat 9,10,11 April 2016 - I have OPT Course pack $370.
(includes 2 nights/3 days accom, all meals, soiree and 6 x workshops)
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