"A-Z Routines are foundational tools for creative dance development - a simple yet powerful way to access your own artistry.
You'll learn essential structural elements of bellydance for natural confidence and ease."

Keti Sharif - Creator A-Z Bellydance

  About A-Z Bellydance - Methodology

A-Z Bellydance is an easy to learn methodology based on core principles of Egyptian bellydance, that can be applied to a variety of styles and genres of bellydance. It will help you expand you overall bellydance vocuabulary, so you have the means to express yourself with ease. Essential bellydance techniques and transitions are taught progressively, with definition and clarity. You will be able to remember routines easily, as you enhance skills, rhythm and phrasing. A-Z is easily integrated into you own dancing, useful for choreography or improvisation, and strengthens co-ordination, rhythmic comprehension and spatial awareness. Routines are clear, succinct and easy to learn - best of all, A-Z is a creative tool and can be personalised for the styles you enjoy.

What makes A-Z Bellydance an effective learning tool?

A-Z bellydance routines are adaptable and create a lovely sense of geometry and artistry, within a framework. By learning the synntax of routines, you develop muscle memory that flows organically when you respond to certain music and rhythms. Your vocabulary of movement expands easily, so you can improvise with confidence & choreograph with ease. Routines can be used in their original form, or can be creatively adapted in endless ways. Kinesthetic, visual and audio learning modes are referenced in the delivery of A-Z Bellydance. A-Z supports the dancer's development of footwork, direction, technique, balance and fluidity. Practicing A-Z enhances overall clarity and definition of your dance. The routines are designed to boost both your improvisational skills and choreographic development.


" The A-Z system has an extreme wealth of information which is indispensable to anyone studying seriously Oriental Dance. I particularly loved the way information is organized through technique, history, musicality, artistry. Before A-Z, I was seriously lacking in my choreography skills, while now I feel more confident to choreograph as well as improvise. In belly dance class, A-Z has proven to be a real gem! It was there whenever I needed inspiration or solutions for class combos and choreographies. Last but not least, Keti's warm and supportive personality has made a huge difference in my process of learning."

Dora Papagiannaki, Greece


How is A-Z Advanced different to A-Z Original?

A-Z Original offers core techniques in a variety of user-friendly combinations that become a key resource in your dance vocabulary. It is recommended that all dancers begin with the Original as it is the foundation of the A-Z movement vocabulary. A-Z Advanced routines build on their Original counterparts - with a higher degree of complexity, richness and refinement. Advanced introduces arabesques, classical and layered techniques. The Advanced moves require a higher degree of precision and quicker transitions. The 16-part structure of both A-Z Original and Advanced routines allows for rich, flowing expaned routines. The synastry and harmony between the two streams offer a vast vocabulary of movement - integrating all 52 routines.


A-Z Bellydance was inspired by Mahmoud Reda's emphasis on quality of movement, clarity of transition and consistency, whilst weight shift and movement value was inspired by Farida Fahmy, for whom I maintain a website. They were the main master teachers at many of my training events and festivals in Egypt. My work with Egyptian dance teachers and professional musicians also inspired the routines, and I have an interest in sacred geometry, Islamic art and universal principles such as the 'four elements' - all of which imbue the routines.

An international bellydance 'language'

The A-Z Bellydance system is currently being enjoyed by thousands of bellydancers worldwide, delivering sound principles in a logical, user-friendly context that encourages skills development and creativity. The growing international network of A-Z practitioners often travel and share this international dance 'language' with teachers interstate or abroad.

  The A-Z Bellydance 'Seeds' and 'Elements'

I work the methodology in with the elemnets and movement dynamics. Routines contain a matrix or 'essence' based on the elements. This principle allows the routine to be modified, adapted or even dissolve, yet maintain its energetic integrity.

A-E 'The Seeds' that contain all elements
F-J (earth - connected, grounded)
K-O (water - flowing, seamless)
P-T (fire - expressive, outreaching)
U-Z (air - elevated, nimble and contrast)

You can download a fee copy of the A-Z Bellydance Seeds HERE.

When dancing, three main factors that shape the overall feel of your dance;
1. Movement value (intention, weight transfer, direction, energy, shape, effort)
2. Personal response, receptivity & lyrical expression (internal story manifests externally)
3. Styling (cultural, genre-based, or creative)

The sequences focus on movement value, so personal response, gesture and styling can expand each routine to create vast, unlimited versions of dance expression. This is why A-Z can become completely tribal, or serve as a strong base for traditional, classical, or cultural dance. It can easily be used creatively for fusion or contemporary styles. Or it can be fine tuned to genre specific dance like Nubian, Hagallah, and even non 4/4 rhythm-based dance, e.g.: Muwashahat by adding 2 extra beats/steps to form 10/8, or movements can be simplified and repeated for Fellahin 2/4. The steps are comfortable for a wide tempo range, from 80-140 BPM, therefore easy to adapt rhythmically.
  A-Z Information

A-Z Bellydance is practiced in 40 countries around the world, and can be useful for the following bellydance styles:

Raqs Sharqi
Theatre dance
Folkloric styles
Tribal and Fusion

Its also useful for:
Bellydance teaching
Troupe work
Using props
Dance fitness
Dancing the Elements
Writing Curriculum


View Sample Clips and Applications of A-Z Bellydance

  Keti talks about A-Z Advanced Bellydance (9:40 min)
A look at the inspirations behind the A-Z methodology, and the common problems bellydancers experience, that A-Z can help improve. Also, the new expansive directions and genres that A-Z is moving into, plus a look at energy and intention. VIEW

  A-Z Advanced Bellydance DVD - Sample Routine (2:40 min)
A sample clip from the A-Z Advanced Bellydance DVD, showing Keti demonstrating the A-Z Adv Routine A- Arabesque. This gives you an idea of the teaching style and momentum of movement instruction. VIEW
  Musicality, Energy and the Elements (8:50 min)
A sample from the A-Z Support group video chats. These private support groups open 4 x a year for course particiants, with clips and materials supplied weekly by Ketil to help participants get the courses completed. In this particular chat on K-O set, Keti describes the energy of musicality and the elements, especially for taqsim. VIEW
  A-Z Study Courses - complete introductory Seminar Clip (9:10 min)
Many dancers who purchase A-Z DVDs decide to study further and undertake the courses. Courses allow the dancer to explore each routine at a deeper and more detailed level, and require demonstration each routine to fulfill assessment criteria. Participants receive detailed feedback on the presentation of each routine. VIEW


A-Z Bellydance Reviews & Magazine Articles



A-Z Bellydance Article in Nafoura Magazine by Guinevere Clark
Read about A-Z Bellydance from a teacher's perspective from Welsh dancer, Gi
unevere from the Baubo Bellydance Academy, and creator of the Bellydancer's Treasure Pack cards. Click the image to download the PDF.

A-Z Original DVD Review by Shira of www.shira.net

Shira's reader's survey gave the dvd five out of five stars. Shira writes:
"I like this dvd very much. It offers the beginner the skills to link individual movements to create building blocks, and is a dvd that the beginner would not outgrow. It offers the more experienced dancer movement combinations to apply to choreography or to use in improvised dance."

A-Z Advanced DVD Review in Gilded Serpent Magazine

Monica Bellini from Gilded Serpent reviewed the Advanced A-Z dvd and said:
"Keti Sharif has created a treasure for dancers desiring advanced material to work and study with at home. Through it all Keti Sharif manages the rare trick of presenting bellydance as a challenging and ethnically rooted dance form, as well as a constantly growing and dynamic art form."

A-Z Bellydance Article
- Balancing Skills and Intuition, by Keti Sharif

Keti's most recent article on the inner workings of A-Z Bellydance with a special focus on the 'energy and essence' of bellydance - the theme for the 15th Anniversary of A-Z Bellydance worldwide.
Click the image to download the PDF.


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