A-Z Bellydance 8 Week Support Group - Complete Your Course in 8 Weeks!

    Are you currently studying A-Z Bellydance by correspondence? If you are a registered participant, or plan to undertake study - this will be very helpful! Keti personally runs this group four times a year: Jan-Feb, Apr-May, Jul-Aug, Oct-Nov 2016. Cost is $40.

A-Z course participants can join us online from Jan 10th, 2016 for 8 weeks!

You’ll receive weekly support and guidance, and can join from anywhere in the world, choosing your own study hours each week for 8 weeks. You'll need to be able to commit to 3 hours a week, for 8 weeks. Participants do require their course pack and dvd to register - either OPT, APT, OTT or ATT.

You receive NEW weekly clips, extra materials choreos, music and a private FB forum
- this will provide a step-by-step supported program to get you to filming stage, and have completed all projects and written examination online.

Preparation – Be sure to have Your A-Z Study Course ordered and be ready so you are ready to start on time, ideally 2 weeks before courses commences. You can order your A-Z course pack here.

Then book into the 8 Week Support Group, below. We will send a confirmation that you are a part of the ‘8 week A-Z Bellydance Support Group’ and add your email address to receive materials. We'll also add you to the private FaceBook group.  

First, download the A-Z Bellydance 8 Week Support Group Jan-Feb 2016 PDF for all info.


Special focus - Middle Eastern Musicality


For the first time - A-Z Bellydance Musicality focus!

Each week, we will focus on an aspect of Middle Eastern Musicality in reference to A-Z Routines - you will learn about Arabic instruments, rhythms, songs and maqqams. Broaden your understanding of musicality and how your dance expression relates to the music playes, and be able to identify the genres and stylisations the music represents. Features music samples and choreos to enhance musicality and appreciation of cultural styles.

Here is the sample clip from Week 1, filmed in Malaysia Sunday 10th Jan, 2016:


For registered participants only - new participants welcome!


To join, you must be a registered A-Z Bellydance Course participant. PT graduates may wish to progress to Teacher Training. If you still need to order a course, please contact Keti.

You can join the support group to complete your:
1/ Original Personal Techniques
2/ Advanced Personal Techniques
3/ Original Teacher Training
4/ Advanced Teacher Training

Each study course consists of an instructional dvd, music cd, comprehensive study manual, assessment criteria and online exams. Assessment: Written exam 25%, Practical filmed clips 75%. First set A-E is free, participants are allocated their own Assessor. Certificate issued on completion. Assessments: A-E of free for each course, thereafter each set for OPT/APT is $15 (4 x sets) and OTT/ATT is $20 for a full assessment and report for your practical exam.

Cost of the A-Z Courses Packs (Registration into one of the courses is required to register into this Support group):
$180 USD for any course - OPT, APT, OTT, ATT. Includes dvd.
If you already have the A-Z Original dvd, OPT is just $120.
If you already have the A-Z Advanced dvd, APT is just $120.


8 Week Support Group Schedule

  Online Seminar Dates 2015
Week 1 -
Jan 10
Week 2 -
Jan 17
Week 3 -
Jan 24
Week 4 -
Jan 31
Week 5 -
Feb 7
Week 6 -
Feb 14

Week 7 -
Feb 21
Week 8 -
Feb 28

You have the whole week to do the lesson. Suggested lesson time is 3 hours per week. For assessment, note that assessment fees apply after the first free A-E report.

The A-Z Bellydance 8 Week Support Group begins Jan 10th 2016.
The Cost is just $40! Great value and so many materials!

This 8 week support course applies to anyone doing A-Z Original or Advanced Personal Techniques, or Teacher Training courses. The goal is for us to collectively work through the A-Z Course over the first 6 weeks, using a thorough week-by-week progression, so that you fully understand, and are able to demonstrate all 26 x routines to meet assessment criteria. You will receive seminars online, mini choreos, plus MP3 music tracks. Then we spend the last 2 weeks completing the examinations, by giving you a new online exam form to easily submit your written exam, and help you prepare to film your 5 x sets of clips with confidence and clarity, ready for assessment. We will then assess your clips QUICKLY within a week, and you'll receive your detailed report.

The aim of this 8 Week Support Group is to have you certified by March 2016, with a feeling of confidence and genuine accomplishment!

New to A-Z Courses? Find out more here.


Registration Form

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  Book your place now - Open until 10th Jan

Payment via paypal or card. Select the course you wish to complete OPT, APT, OTT or ATT. You must already have the course and be a registered A-Z Course participant to join this Support Course. You will be contacted within 48 hours so we can join you up to the FB group.

Thank you!

resented a survey rating the A-Z Original dvd to readers, who gave the dvd *five out of five* stars. Shira herself writes "I like this video very much. It is filmed with professional lighting and sound quality, and the camera work almost always makes it easy to see what I want to see. Both the (A-Z) companion book and the back cover of the video list the combinations in order, making it easy to identify how far into the video you need to find the group of moves that you want to study.

A-Z Advanced Review in Gilded Serpent Magazine - Monica Bellini from Gilded Serpent reviewed the Advanced A-Z dvd and said "Australian instructor Keti Sharif has created a treasure for dancers desiring advanced material to work and study with at home." And regarding the dvd "Through it all Keti Sharif manages the rare trick of presenting belly dance as a challenging and ethnically rooted dance form, as well as a constantly growing and dynamic art form."

The following DVDs and concepts utilise Keti's A-Z routines: World Dance Aerobics, Pulse8 Fitness, Body Quake Elements, Jewel of Arabia. AstroBelly's 12 routines are designed to perfectly fit together with A-Z routines, further expanding your dance vocabulary!

How are A-Z routines presented on DVD?
The routines are demonstrated on DVD. Each routine is broken down step-by-step, viewed the front, then the back, and finally as a complete dance sequence to music. Supplemented with A-Z instructional booklet with easy to follow notes.