A-Z Bellydance FINAL 8 Week Challenge - Complete Your Course in 8 Weeks!

    Are you currently studying A-Z Bellydance by correspondence? If you are a registered participant, or plan to undertake study - this will be very helpful! Keti personally runs this group three times a year: Jan-Feb, Apr-May, Aug-Sep 2016. Cost is $40.

KETI'S FINAL A-Z 8 Week Challenge starts August 7th, 2016!
Weekly seminars, guide to studying each set and facebook forum.
Just $40 USD.

You can join from anywhere in the world, choosing your own study hours each week for 8 weeks. You'll need to be able to commit to 3 hours a week, for 8 weeks. Participants do require their course pack and dvd to register - either OPT, APT, OTT or ATT.

You receive NEW weekly clips, extra materials choreos, music via a private FB forum - providing a step-by-step program to get you to filming stage, with written examination online.

Preparation – Be sure to have Your A-Z Study Course ordered and be ready so you are ready to start on time. You can order your A-Z course pack here.

When you book into the 8 Week Challenge, we'll add you to the private FaceBook group.  

First, download the A-Z Bellydance 8 Week Challenge Aug-Sep 2016 PDF for all info.


For registered participants only - new participants welcome!


To join, you must be a registered A-Z Bellydance Course participant. PT graduates may wish to progress to Teacher Training. If you still need to order a course, please contact Keti.

You can join the support group to complete your:
1/ Original Personal Techniques
2/ Advanced Personal Techniques
3/ Original Teacher Training
4/ Advanced Teacher Training

Each study course consists of an instructional dvd, music cd, comprehensive study manual, assessment criteria and online exams. Assessment: Written exam 25%, Practical filmed clips 75%. First set A-E is free, thereafter each set for OPT/APT is $15 (4 x sets) and OTT/ATT is $20 for a full assessment and report for your practical exam.

Cost of the A-Z Courses Packs (Registration into one of the courses is required to register into this Challenge):
$180 USD for any course - OPT, APT, OTT, ATT. Includes dvd.
If you already have the A-Z Original dvd, OPT is just $120.
If you already have the A-Z Advanced dvd, APT is just $120.


A-Z Bellydance 8 Week Challenge Schedule

  Online Seminar Dates 2016

Week 1 -
Aug 7 - Foundations
Week 2 -
Aug 14 - A-E
Week 3 -
Aug 21- F-J
Week 4 -
Aug 28 - K-O
Week 5 -
Sep 4 - P-T
Week 6 -
Sep 11
- U-Z
Week 7 -
Sep 18 - Written exam
Week 8 -
Sep 25 - Filming

You have the whole week to do the lesson. Suggested lesson time is 3 hours per week. For assessment, note that assessment fees apply after the first free A-E report.

The A-Z Bellydance 8 Week Challenge begins August 7th 2016.

The aim of this 8 Week Challenge is to have you certified by October 2016, with a feeling of confidence and genuine accomplishment!

This 8 week support course applies to anyone doing A-Z Original or Advanced Personal Techniques, or Teacher Training courses. The goal is for us to collectively work through the A-Z Course over the first 6 weeks, using a thorough week-by-week progression, so that you fully understand, and are able to demonstrate all 26 x routines to meet assessment criteria. You will receive seminars online, mini choreos, plus MP3 music tracks. Then we spend the last 2 weeks completing the examinations, by giving you a new online exam form to easily submit your written exam, and help you prepare to film your 5 x sets of clips with confidence and clarity, ready for assessment. We will then assess your clips QUICKLY within a week, and you'll receive your detailed report.

New to A-Z Courses? Find out more here.


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  Book your place now - Open until 6th August
Cost: $40

Payment via paypal or card. Select the course you wish to complete OPT, APT, OTT or ATT. You must already have the course and be a registered A-Z Course participant to join this Challenge. You will be contacted within 24 hours so we can join you up to the FB group.

Thank you!