1001 Bellydance Moves DVDs



1001 Bellydance Moves Triple DVD Instructional Set contains three great core instructional DVDs in one box! 1. Slow moves 2. Fast Moves 3. Travelling moves

Over 5 hours of step-by-step instruction with Keti (total 5 hours PAL or NTSC)

1001 Bellydance Moves is a staple instructional tool for every bellydancer's DVD library - three great dvds. 100 of the essential moves for bellydancers, each broken down into ten parts. An instructional DVD to improve your base of dance techniques. All techniques are also used in Keti's A-Z Bellydance routines. This is a great DVD to learn before buying A-Z Bellydance dvds, where routines are built around the solid technique base - useful for dancers of all levels and interested in all genres of Egyptian style dance.

Download the 1001 Moves PDF
Click Here or on the main image (left) to download the PDF about the three dvds - slow, fast and travelling
moves, including the names of moves

View three video clip samples
on YouTube - click each image for slow, fast and travelling

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Cost $60 plus $7 postage